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all sorts of boring updating

Thought--is the entirety of my LJ friendslist going to be pretty much silent this next Saturday as all and sundry drop out of sight to read the HBP?

It just occurs to me that this is kind of unique--among every social group, real life and online I belong to, this is the one and only where most all internet businss is suspended on release of a *book*. And I mean this in a very, very good way.

Good Things

Actually, *fantastic* things. With the move comes high speed internet, in which I will stop downloading at a prehistoric 2.1 K/s. That alone is excitement. Also, had a sale on Kitchen-Aid mixers and okay, I am strong, but I was already ordering Harry Potter, so I ordered and I will have my very own. Since this would have been my *only* inducement to ever marry, I can conclude from this transaction that I am pretty much set for life in the single's lane. Also picked up American Gods for my father, since the weaning of him from Robin Cook and John Saul is not happening as much as one might hope. And I'm this close to accidentally packing them all in the same box and setting it on fire. Cause wow. Stephen King. Okay. Anne Rice. Okay. Tom Clancy. Fine. John Grisham. Okay. But this is my line. When the writer is having a torrid affair with italics that seems like it is never going to end, well. Line drawn. Comprehensible plotline helps, too. He's going to upgrade his taste if I have to force feed it by inches. I'm trying to find a subtle way to ease him into graphic novels--he's an even bigger reader than I am (it's genetic, me and my parents are *junkies*), but he's never had a taste for even comic books as a kid. Depending on how American Gods goes over, I may have an opening. If he likes an author, he'll read *anything they write*, up to and including their nonfiction, their forewords in other books, and people they recommend. And books *about* them.

Happier news, we might--and I stress the *might*--get bonuses this year at work. It's not certain. But we might. Along with the state required raise for fiscal year 2006, life is looking up. This means I can do *so many things*. I'm not sure what those things will be yet, but there are things, and they are good.

Also, got approved for a laptop. So. One month. Laptop. Mine. Child is inheriting my computer, and I'm now amused that I just got the DVD burner working, and wondering what he'll do with it. Also trying to figure out how to move everything and avoid making a terrible mess of it. Since the last two computers, I've gotten in the habit of keeping pretty much everything of mine restricted to two or three folders, so if I ever had a system crash or something went wrong, I could do a quick burn of those folders and know that pretty much everything important is safe. It's the stuff I put in weird places by accident that's making me wary. Probably a format and reinstall would do the trick, but hmm. Maybe just a very careful search-and-destroy.

Also wary about a laptop's keyboard. Every time I've used one, it's been very, very, and I can't emphasize this enough, *very* awkward. I'm assuming practice will make perfect--after all, every day people use and type on them just fine. So. Will practice. My spelling can't possibly get much worse. I don't think.

You know, any week where I am going to acquire a mixer, a new book, and approved for a new computer? That is a good week. I shall squee now. Quietly. But it's happening. It's a cookie icon day.
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