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Okay, days off good. Days off spending long periods of time being completely unproductive--also good. No laundry was done. No cleaning, no dusting, no thoughts of the future I should be mapping out or even so much as clipping a single solitary fingernail that just might have a hangnail. Oh no. I read *fic*. And also, re-watching SGA eps to for the fun of watching Sheppard feeling up consoles so they glow for him. That never, ever gets old. It just really doesn't.

svmadelyn and I have this system. She reads spoilers. I don't, since the really frightening QaF pre-season four hijinks and most especially, all those pre-season-five hijinks that raise the blood pressure and cause indigestion. I'm so over my rolaids phase. Let it happen, I say. I just don't want to know about it beforehand.

However, I have learned that feigned disinterst, and sometimes, outright begging, will lead Madelyn to telling me, since if I do'nt read it and pretend I never heard it, it doesn't count. Kind of like chocolate cake at midnight. And we ended up in Smallville, where I promptly decided that my nerves were gone for it. Just gone.

This is a really long-winded way of saying, while talking to Madelyn, I figured out why I liked SGA so much. It reminds me of Voyager.

Okay, not in the scary stacked-blonde-obsession thing going on near the end, which was just too disturbing. But in that--okay. Ther'es Janeway, who is a *scientist*, and has her cute little science space ship--a super cool science ship, but still, this is not the Enterprise and that ship was not meant to be chasing down dangerous things as a line of work, just as an extra get-those-Maquis thing. They were supposed to study sciency-things. They are the people that came *after* the Enterprise made first contact, to settle down and *study* after all the adventuring was done. And then there was a thing, and then there was *BIG LIGHT* and boom, half her crew is dead, she's looking at being a few billion light years what have you from home, half her crew is some not really very competent rebels--don't get me wrong, they were adorable in their little tunics, but Chakotay just *sucked* as a rebel, and her pilot is this guy she pulled out of jail. And they're expected to *get home* and *survive*, and really, Neelix, so I say no more. And they spend almost no real quality time playing with that, but it was *such* a neat idea when you think of this entire crew of Starfleet personnel who thought they'd be studying, oh, botany on New Planet X and now have to make life or death decisions, and the Maquis were doing their damndest to be annoying and noble and now they have to wear uniforms and play with phasers all the time. I just loved that. None of them were quite sure of the job description anymore, and there was *rank* involved and they really, really hated each other in the "I want to kill you" kind of way. And they had to eat plomeek casserole, which is just sad, and that's not a heroic reward.

And now there's the SGA, this cute little group of scientists and what have you, all going, explore Atlantis! And some military people to keep the scientists from accidentally getting themselves killed asking too personal questions of whoever they run into in the name of science, running into fires by accident looking for new Ancient technology, or falling down the stairs, etc. And sure, it's all one way, but they were *studying*, and then there are Wraiths and everytime they turn around, someone is not liking them much, and their city is sodamncoolomg but also kinda lethal and no instruction manuals. And no power. Elizabeth looks like she's spending a lot of time reading Leadership for Dummies in War Situations (and I like her a lot, so I say this with love, she's doing great, but those index cards that Rodney was using he *so stole* from her desk, I swear), and Sheppard makes me wonder if he's getting high every three nights or so and imagining when life was simpler and thinking fondly of frozen terrain and eighteen hour nights and why, God, did I sit in that damn chair, and Rodney's on enough caffeine to kill a small nation and torn between oooooooh shiny! and death everywhere! Must flee! No! Shiny thing! And can you *imagine* the first weeks of training John put Rodney and Teyla through for field work? There should be a story about this. It amuses me for hours. And poor Carson, who keeps making me visualize the love child of Dr. McCoy and Scotty, which is so wrong, and yet really works for me. I just keep thinking that he must have signed up while really drunk or Rodney promised him unspecified sexual favors then reneged, which would explain his aggrieved air. Every one of them came in having a very specific idea of what they were going to be doing, and wow, did that totally backfire beyond words to describe and man, are they pissed. And by God, they'll do it, but under protest. A lot of protest.

When I'm really feeling the call of boredom, I sit down and imagine Elizabeth's first reaction to John naming off his team--Teyla, made sense, Ford, okay, they're doing that male military bonding thing, and then he says Rodney, and she sits up, feeling a little chill at the back of her neck and isn't sure what that means, but leader-sense tells her that her pilot who is better armed than the average armory and likes to fly reallyreallyfast and keeps hitting on alien women, and her overcaffeinated astrophysicist who goes glazed eyes at power sources going out to do stuff at the same time in the same place is going to lead to bad places.

I think Elizabeth just buries her head in her hands when her two problem children go off adventuring, wondering why she told John he could pick his own team, cause wow, letting them out loose in the galaxy together was *such* a bad idea, with Sheppard flirting his way through negotiations and Rodney staring lustfully at anything technological. She couldn't have thought Teyla and Ford could keep them out of trouble.

This will come as no surprise, though, that the ep that I liked most was the one where Steve died. Cause that was so classically a Trek-like moment that I was completely expecting them to start going, ohhh, no, we don't *do* that, ending with the other guys kidnapping Steve and doing it anyway. Then they did it, just sent him off to be an experiment. I don't think I've been genuinely surprised by anything in TV like I was by that. I like practical people. Mostly because they usually aren't. They throw temper tantrums and make terrible decisions based on emotion, they forget all about discretion with the other races and give a life story without thinking wow, maybe this could be a *tactical error*, and they're so *surprised* when something goes right that you can see it on their faces--that wow, that *worked*? Really? Cool.

This was a long, completely rambly-ramble of no substance. I'm in squee mode. One day, I might even make *sense*.
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