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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sga is my opium

Thirteen eps down (fourteen? something, kind of all a blur), the rest of disc two to go. Darling chopchica, I owe you *so much*.

Sleep is *so* optional. At least, until I crash hard tomorrow night. Which will lead to strange, surreal dreams probably involving naked scientists and beds that appear magically from beneath perfectly normal floors. A lot like last night.

I am happy. And also, probably on the edge of crazy. This? Good thing.

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How insanely happy does it make me that you're addicted?


It's like *crack*. I tore myself away from the computer at *three o'clock*, and thats only because I could barely see the *screen* a that point. The tsunami part 2 one.

*sighs happily* Wormholes and spaceships and aliens and *oh God the sarcasm*. I'm a big pillow of messy happines, oh yes.

Bwee!! Isn't it FUN? This show makes me insanely happy. Very glad to hear you're getting hooked on it too!

Oh God, it does. It reminds me of when I was obsessed with Trek, but with snarkier dialogue and that entire sexy-geek thing I completely missed in my teens and early twenties. Cause gah. That is a lot of supersmart people wandering around.

So blissed.

*laughs* Mine? Are coming Friday. Friday! In two days time, there shall be geeks galore!

(Deleted comment)
My letter to my client worked - the man really loves me - refused to take the discount and insists that I go to the 15th.

I COPED!!! I overcame fear!

I need a rec list of SG:A fics, but I don't want you to send them to me until after the 8th when i finish with this guy. I shall then drown myself in a new fandom - Yay!


It is so glorious to see all these people falling in love with my shiny, pretty show! And now I have to see if ship recs has anything I haven't read already.

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