Seperis (seperis) wrote,

this is what my weekends are like

I think the only thing keeping me even relatively sane is that chopchica said the DVDs were mailed on Thursday, and, while right now I am resenting the fact that the Federal Government does not make people work on Sundays, I can honestly say that withdrawal for a show I have seen only *one episode of* should not commence until tomorrow, when it isn't in my mailbox, but will probably show up on Tuesday, which, I mean, intellectually, I know is a good thing because I have Thursday through Monday off, and when I get them, I know I won't bother sleeping (and right now, flashbacking on QaF season one, where I was watching nine pm to four am and often fell asleep at the front desk for two weeks since I had to *rewatch every ep* and cut off everyone on my AIM buddylist while I indulged in unhealthy pornographic obsession, oh yes, good times), still disturbed no one notied I could sleep *and* talk to people at the same time)--that is a really long sentence. Yes. One day, maybe two, SGA, and sleep is for those who are not me.

This isn't going to get to that. I am older and wiser now. I can cut off things when I am tired. I can carry on normal social internet interactions. I am scared a little to realize that there is something *called* normal social internet interactions.

I have accomplished a *lot* this weekend, though. In fanfical terms. In RL terms, I babysat evil children, only two of which are blood relations. At some point in a fairer future, I will retailiate for the horror.

1.) Landscape - currently at over 85,000 words, which means that it's longer than Somewhere, but Somewhere only took me twenty-five days to write, and this miniature nightmare is running on about a year. I can't even remember when I sent Issaro the beginning and told her I'd finish it. Hmmm.

2.) There's this place, ship_recs? Yeah. That place. I decided, in a fit of logic Friday night, to start reading there and just go down the list until I ran out of stories, since I like, you know, logic, and God, I miss mailing lists right now. I'm three quarters of the way down skip=sixty. Eventually, I'm going to count how many stories that is in SGA, because I suspect that's a lot. I can honestly report that glutting oneself on aliens-made-them-have-sex really *never* gets boring, like, ever. Also, I'm picking up an unnatural liking for math, and if any of you poor people had been in class with me and Calculus, you'd be trying to make me see a shrink, cause wow. NewWorldOrder.

I'm going to go bother svmadelyn now. She keeps emailing me new ways for Clark to be driven insane. You'd actually not guess this is what I call downtime before I lunge back into the glutting of fic. Mmm. Glut.
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