Seperis (seperis) wrote,

you learn something new every day

seperis: He's so not letting that Lex out from under as tight a tether as he can manage.
seperis: Cause that way leads Lex to getting off watching Clark bleed.
seperis: And not in a normal fun bloodsport way.
svmadelyn: *sad*
svmadelyn: hmm, if i were evil
seperis: there any universe that sentence isn't disturbing as hell?
seperis: I imean, besides fandom.
seperis: In fandom, it is perfectly okay.
svmadelyn: we can pretend.


*shakes fist at astolat*

SGA. I had to think, oh, I wonder what that show is about? Oh look, a story.

I barely know what they *look* like.

*worries at fingernails*

This so cannot be good. Also, using other frog icon. Got to make more. They are just too cute.
Tags: svmadelyn
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