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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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you learn something new every day
version one, frog love
seperis: He's so not letting that Lex out from under as tight a tether as he can manage.
seperis: Cause that way leads Lex to getting off watching Clark bleed.
seperis: And not in a normal fun bloodsport way.
svmadelyn: *sad*
svmadelyn: hmm, if i were evil
seperis: ..is there any universe that sentence isn't disturbing as hell?
seperis: I imean, besides fandom.
seperis: In fandom, it is perfectly okay.
svmadelyn: we can pretend.


*shakes fist at astolat*

SGA. I had to think, oh, I wonder what that show is about? Oh look, a story.

I barely know what they *look* like.

*worries at fingernails*

This so cannot be good. Also, using other frog icon. Got to make more. They are just too cute.

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Hee hee hee hee! Did you mean to type "astrolat"? Yes, she is clearly a fandom pimping evil person of great eviltude.

They look like this: http://www.pegasusgalaxy.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1204 (these would be promotional shots from season 2) but that's not relevant. Check out norah's recs which you can get to from the sidebar on her journal.


And *GOD*. So not helping here!

*worries thumbnail more*


C'mon. You know you want to...


SGA. I had to think, oh, I wonder what that show is about? Oh look, a story.

Come over to the dark side!

I mean, yes, it's cheesy and the technobabble is unbelievable and the aliens are highly coincidental in ways (and the anvils of exposition almost hurt), but after SV, it's very watchable.

The dialogue is fun. And it has cute military types and snarky geeks! *points to icon*

Oh God. Snarky geeks! *cries*


You will be one of us. You will.

*under the desk, with coffee, crying*

Dear god, people! The woman has enough WIPs that I'm waiting for! She should be in an isolation booth, not exposed to this wicked pimping!


Yes! Tell them!

*hides behind you, with coffee*

Mmmmmm. SGA!


*darkly* You are all doomed to the special hell. DOOMED.

Oooh, imagine all that angst and that snark waiting for you to discover... And in another galaxy!

*eyes you warily*

Bwah! I suppose it wouldn't be right of me to join all those pimping Stargate Atlantis to you ;)

But cute, snarky geeks! Kick-ass women! Woobies, all of them, and the fic in this fandom blows me away. If you want to know how obsessed I am about this show, take a look at my icons. I have 16 SGA icons! And I keep making more ;)

*points to icon* That's Major John Sheppard, he of the sticky-uppy hair and unexplicable math brilliance.

*looks at him warily* He is strangely pretty. I do not trust the pretty so much.

*tries to avoid chewing on fingernails* This worries me.

You want to watch SGA. Ohhhh yes you do.

*deep dislike and terror*

Hee! As someone told me. You cannot escape.

*still hiding behind Koi, thank you*

There is blood sports in AUV? I can't wait!



(I have no cool SGA icons, but pretend anyway.) *g*

SGA! I am just going to sit here, giggle stupidly, and wait for you to arrive. :)

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