Seperis (seperis) wrote,

happy is cookies and porn, but almost as good

Ooh. Well this is partially GIP, because whee! Frogs! Cause I need a new animal theme so much, since teh snails have grown weary and want rest.

Second, this is mostly for a couple of people on my friendslist I told about this story I read in what amounts to being a book of professional fanfiction Batman. Without the smut. How sad, in retrospect. Anyway, the book was The Further Adventures of Batman, the story "Subway Jack", a reinterpretation of the Jack the Ripper legend that I just *loved*. It's from 1989 or so, and I got it in the nineties at some point. There are, surprisingly, out of fourteen stories, about six to eight that are worth the price of the book all by themselves. There's also an absolutely *stunning* Mary Sue who is, I kid you not, Joker's secret daughter who Dick falls in love with. Her name is Sue-Ellen. She wears Victorian pink lace gowns around the house. It's very--that. Yes. It's very that. He'll always love her, you know. He says so. There's also an Isaac Asimov that's quite good, and has no one named Sue-Ellen.

But besides that. Really cool book. Happy Place.
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