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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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I'm very, very bored. Suggestions for entertainment?

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Me tooooooo!!! Come online and entertain me!

*g* I've been computer-cleaning all day, so no chat programs until Im' done. Which, please God, will be soon.

Mmmm. Lost. Mmmmm. Sawyer. Mmmmmm. Jack!

*points to icon helpfully!*

*cries from under pillows*

(Deleted comment)
Yes, cake *would* be good.

*eyes kitchen warily* Perhaps one might say, tasty, too. I wonder if thre's enough sugar....

I KNOW. I KNOW! Go see Batman! I am going today and everyone's all OMG IT IS FANTASTIC. *bounces about* Screw Jack and Sawyer....for now.

That would require changing out of my jammies, no?

You could:
-- plant something -- seeds from fruit in your fridge, if you don't have anything else to plant
-- gather a bouquet of wildflowers
-- make a quilt from old, outworn clothing
-- clean something (because if you're bored, you might as well be productive, at least!)
-- rearrange your furniture
-- groom your pets
-- make a paperclip chain long enough to wrap around your house
-- write some lexcentric fic

If I get a vote, I'm for Option 8...


I'm leaning toward the last like whoa. I can write happyfic. I *can*. I have seen it done before. So therefore, it's there. Something with puppies and long walks on the beach and edible underwear. Hmm.

you don't know me, but you could write me a pwp? NC-17 slash I'll take pretty much any pairing.

If you watched Highlander and manage a Duncan/Methos with snark, sprawling, sarcasm and beer I'll... worship you? How's that sound?

*grins* I haven't watched nearly enough Highlander, which these days, considering the fandom, I deeply regret. It's so--*pretty*. Man.

...would that require getting up?

Is there some reason you're not writing porn?

-Confused in California

Evil people are holding my porn capabilities captive? It's all very traumatizing, they want ransom, I need my smelling salts to even *talk* about it.

Write Laura/Lee BSG fic. :)

*eyes you* I *tried*. It did not go well. At all.

Oh my god, I think I'm writing something.


You could go torture President Lex, I think that would be lovely! You could do it in a loving and compassionate way, of course.

*ponders putting thistles into President Lex's sheets AS A REMINDER! ahahahahah!*

I'm going to a bar. Wow, I'm an A-Dolt. Yes, I meant to write it like that.

My next section of Sexy Slytherin will have porn, if I feel jazzed enough to write it tomorrow.

Did I mention my suggestion list? I e-mailed you hours of entertaiment, I swear!

Mmm... Clex intern sex.

I know, too late to the party...

But I just had to share this one, having played with the sand art for a while:

Kaleidoscope painter

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