Seperis (seperis) wrote,

My fannish manifesto of my active fandoms of choice. If you can beat this for sheer superficiality, you just *try*.

Queer as Folk

1.) Brian naked. Seriously, they must save a *lot* of money on wardrobe with all the flouncing about Brian does with his little Mr. Wriggly. Brian. Naked. Any given episode, a better than average chance of seeing Brian stripping down to beyond the undies. This man? Cannot possibly be eating. I applaud it. Stay with the dry crackers and water!

2.) Nakidity, period. Any. Given. Episode. With sex. This is, in fact, soft porn, but without the attached worry of wandering out of Sweet Dreams XXX with an unmarked brown paper bag in your hands looking around for someone you know to see you.

3.) Did I mention all the pretty nakedness? This cannot be emphasized enough.

4.) At any given time, any two characters on the show could have sex, or could have had sex in the past. It's kind of like a really random drinking game, but canonical! Except for the staight people, who never get laid. Debbie doesn't count. Cause we don't like to think of her having sex, so we block it out. A lot.

5.) If you ever want to know exactly what those positions you've been writing as a slash writer look like, this is the place for you. This can be considered educational. This can also be scarring if it involves Emmett and Ted, so I suggest fast-forwarding through those bits. Trust me, there's lots of warning. Emmett looks constipated every time. Just hit the button.


1.) Lex, naked. Once. In the first season. You would'nt think this would be a selling point, but let me point out, I can list the episodes I've seen more than his wrists. His *wrists*. Okay? I can count them *on one hand*. Lex naked is a lot more naked than most people are naked. It's--very. Naked.

2.) There's a better than average chance that there will be mpreg at some point, considering the plotlines already used. You think I'm kidding? I'm so not.

3.) Horrifying old school fanboy friends by reciting in detail why you think Clark would bottom, using examples from the episodes.

4.) Almost canonical incest! There hasn't been this much family trees branching inward since Flowers in the Attic! If Season Four gave us nothing else, and let's face it, it didn't, it gave us that.

5.) Clark is naked. A lot. One might say his manly and waxed young chest is pretty much the one thing SV has going for it these days. We are thankful.
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