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okay, wow

Y'all. Seriously. Oh. My. God. Permanent account. This is beyond the English language cool.

Which is kind of how I started the email to svmadelyn, because. Wow.

Um, svmadelyn, chopchica, issaro, catmoran, nevermind98, rose7, anitac588, isilya, geneli4 and anonymous person, whoever you are--I have no idea how to thank you. I really don't. That just--in my email, I coudln't figure out what it *was*, cause my brain was nowhere in the area of that, and then it was just--yeah. I'm making no sense at all. Any request you have--and let's be honest, the only thing I'm halfway decent at is ficcing, but I'll do my best--I will totally do.

Thank you again. I'm going to--I don't know, stare at this for a while longer. It's like owning a house. I mean, in no practical way, but I have *internet real estate* here. God, I'm happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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