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horror beyond sweat

Sadly, our power over major appliances has been broken, doubtless by an evil wizard who wants me to suffer for my art. If only I had art to suffer for.

There is no air conditioning.

It's ninety degrees inside, with all windows open, in the shade. Looking at the bright light outside is causing heatstroke. I am sticking to my chair. And not in a good, healthy, internet-addicted way. I mean, in a I am sweating out fluid in copious amounts way. It is not attractive. My hair is doing things defiant of the laws of physics. There could be scientists here to study the phenomenon of how a single hair can become six times its own size in a fluff to rival the afro. A chignon is not helping matters.

I am, in short, a miserable ball of jenn. This is not of the good.

I need to be distracted. Any colossal squid stories? New Clex porn involving freezing temperatures? Cookies? Please?
Tags: jenn's life
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