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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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horror beyond sweat
children of dune - leto 1
Sadly, our power over major appliances has been broken, doubtless by an evil wizard who wants me to suffer for my art. If only I had art to suffer for.

There is no air conditioning.

It's ninety degrees inside, with all windows open, in the shade. Looking at the bright light outside is causing heatstroke. I am sticking to my chair. And not in a good, healthy, internet-addicted way. I mean, in a I am sweating out fluid in copious amounts way. It is not attractive. My hair is doing things defiant of the laws of physics. There could be scientists here to study the phenomenon of how a single hair can become six times its own size in a fluff to rival the afro. A chignon is not helping matters.

I am, in short, a miserable ball of jenn. This is not of the good.

I need to be distracted. Any colossal squid stories? New Clex porn involving freezing temperatures? Cookies? Please?

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*offers chocolate and sympathy*

*whimpers* Thank you. Chocolate is comfort for all things and every things.

Oh look. I think my fingernails are melting.

*watches in apathetic interest*

I went to the movies last night where I saw the new Harry Potter movie preview and it was Teh Awesomest.

Anyway, there's definite HoYay of the boy/boy kind on the horizon because Cedric is definitely looking to be very slashable indeed. Not sure if this makes you feel any better but I'm bored and you asked for Stuff of Happiness and I'm fresh out of cookies.

So, I figured slash would be the next best thing if you're still stalking the HP fandom.

*grins* Cedric, huh?

That *is* happiness. *purrs*

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy makes the world a better place.

*goes off to work on comments she promised eons ago*

Hee! Not if your thumb isn't better, sweetie.


I haven't actually read it yet, but the newest story over at virginlex is called Snow Job. It might be what you're looking for.

Good luck!

Ooh! Thanks for the tip!


(Deleted comment)
Evil wizards destroyed their magical properties. Well, that's my guess, anyway.

Though really, I'd repine less if it wasn't so damned *hot*. The sound the AC made while dying was like something off a mating elephants special on the Discovery Channel, which had me giggling for hours.

I had to giggle at the mating elephants thingy, though I certainly empathize -- thankfully our house A/C was repaired, but I just looked at the calendar this weekend and realized that, thanks to my totally forgetting about getting my car looked at until too late on Saturday afternoon, this Saturday is my last chance to have it dealt with before I drive to Houston the last weekend of this month. And since the engine labors when I turn the A/C on, I really don't want to be weighing the risks of engine burnout vs. heat exhaustion on a three-hour drive...

Visiting Hours Part 11 has posted.

Hardly CLexy porn, but there's a Xmas scene in it, if that helps.

Crouching Lex has a way of soothing the soul.

*icon love*

Hmm. These will help in the sense that you won't have to worry about cooling down; you will be passed out.


And if you get super desperate, I wrote a 'heat wave' little drabble series a couple years ago. Um. This will help in the sense that you'll feel solidarity with the whole "OMG HOT" thing:


Damn you and your summer! It's freezing over here at the moment! *is thinking about breaking her bookshelf apart to use as firewood to keep her hands warm*

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