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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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from the folder entitled Poetry About My Friends and Enemies
children of dune - leto 1
There is nothing--*nothing*--that can make you twitch like poetry you wrote when you were twelve years old.

Oh my *God*. This is just embarrassing. Of all the things to uncover.... THERE ARE ELEVEN OF THESE!

I wrote poetry about my *classmates*. I think I was going through some kind of blank verse period.

*twitches so hard*

Reproduced verbatim.


A best friend
is never perfect
but in your
eyes, is the best.

I have a
best friend
Her name is

We play
and play
and play
and play.

And can anyone
tell me why
we shouldn't?

Is it because
we are 12, going
on thirteen?

I believe not.

So play games
do not be
frightened by
people who
would make
fun of you
because you do play.

They simply
have a great lack
of imagination.

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The only 'real life' poem I ever wrote was about almost kicking a boy in the crotch.

*giggles* Better than my ode to Alex, where I'm comparing him to Ares God of War and the King of the Minoans.

Keep in mind I hadn't hit actual puberty or sexual awakening. I was *deathly earnest*.

I can see this, actually. You know, I still have the tiny clip of your stone-cow adventure, and it's easy to shrink you down to kid-size.

I should dig up my poem and post it to LJ today sometime.

I wrote a really moving poem about Brad Pitt when I was thirteen. If I remember correctly, it contained the line: You are thirty-one. I am thirteen. It could work, couldn't it? Wait for me, Brad!


*tongue in cheek*

He's on the market again, isn't he?

OMG. Your ... YOUR ICON!!!!!
*dies laughing*

bastian1967 made it. Isn't it *marvelous*?

*hugs icon*

I giggle, of course, but it's also very sweet. *kiss*

*face in hands* It's--so scary. I went through a poetry phase. Surely this is one memory that could have stayed buried.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And you thought you didn't have the talent to go pro!

I've spent years trying to forget *my* first serious poem, which was about the Holocaust and rhymed. It was cleverly titled "Why Isn't There Peace?". I should've won an award on the spot.

*laughs* You so should have.

I think it's sweet :)

And I remember the preassure to *stop* playing at 12.

*nods bitterly* Oh yes. I remember.

I think it's sweet.

And considering how much fun slashers have playing in their fandoms, the last two (paragraphs? stanzas? What's the poetry-type word? You'd have no idea I had to sit through a lecture on poetry only a month ago, huh?) bits are particularly appropriate.

*giggles* I didnt think of that! Hee!

Poems at age 12 are one thing - I think my mother still has some. I'm REALLY glad that no one has seen poems I wrote at 16. They make me !writhe!
Oh the angst! Oh the grammar! Oh the nihilism! Oh the embarassment...

*dies* God, yes. I *remember*.

But you should share with us! You should! *nodnodnod*

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