Seperis (seperis) wrote,

from the folder entitled Poetry About My Friends and Enemies

There is nothing--*nothing*--that can make you twitch like poetry you wrote when you were twelve years old.

Oh my *God*. This is just embarrassing. Of all the things to uncover.... THERE ARE ELEVEN OF THESE!

I wrote poetry about my *classmates*. I think I was going through some kind of blank verse period.

*twitches so hard*

Reproduced verbatim.


A best friend
is never perfect
but in your
eyes, is the best.

I have a
best friend
Her name is

We play
and play
and play
and play.

And can anyone
tell me why
we shouldn't?

Is it because
we are 12, going
on thirteen?

I believe not.

So play games
do not be
frightened by
people who
would make
fun of you
because you do play.

They simply
have a great lack
of imagination.
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