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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh woe, oh woe as me
children of dune - leto 1
Oh woe. svmadelyn is ignoring me on AIM. Cause she is mean like that.

I should not be left unattended with my boredom adn so many stories at my disposal. This could go *bad places*, chica.

*eyes story folder hungrily*

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Hmmm... Bored Jenn, WIPs... I can only foresee delicious evil.

Speaking of mean! I love and adore you Jenn, but you are a cruel, ebol woman - leaving us all writhing in agony in the Somewhere Verse; flopping and gasping for air, like the beached fangirls we are. So there! Go svmadelyn! I hope she ignores your bad self until you make Lex explain why he cheated on poor Clark!!!!! *runs off sobbing*

Um--is your computer doing that thing where you think you're online only, you're really not, or did you leave meeeee in retaliation?

Hello, dear dear, sweet Jenn. Please could you post links to all SOMWHERE I HAVE NEVER TRAVELED world, I promise to give you cookies if you do, big honking chocolate ones.


That's to all the completed Somehwere stories.


This is the snippets from the universe, Madelyn's addition, adn the unfinished prequel to Somewhere.

Hope you enjoy!

thank you, but i am afraid I was not fully truthfull to you...I have no cookies *hangs head in shame*

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