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fic: standing in the common spaces
children of dune - leto 1
I feel as if I've been editing this story forever, and it's really only been two months since I finished it. VERY strange.

Standing in the Common Spaces


Also, musings on Lex, Lionel, and so forth here.

I am so in the productive zone.

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Feedback - Standing...

Just when I thought I could never do Spiderman slash, Jenn surprises me and make me want more! And although I didn't care for the pairing of Peter/Lex (I've always been a Mary Jane/Peter girl myself), I did find a jealous Clark/Superman extremely lovely. The fact that Peter had Lex and could reveal his secrets to 'Lex Luthor', while Clark never could was very believable -- and sad. I am now hoping Jenn will write more in this universe and resolve the Clark/Lex angle, which there just wasn't enough of in this piece. (Call me a Clex slut!) Way to go, Jenn. As usual you took something that could have been very ordinary plot-wise and made it extraordinary.

Re: Feedback - Standing...



Unless I could find a way to make it a very good story, I don't know. It's--like Autumn People, a highly depressing universe. Hmm.

Thanks for the comments! *hugs* I'm thinking on them.

Oh God, Jenn. I just finished it, and I'm crying so hard. This is just agonizingly beautiful. I'm glad you took your time with it. The care shows. You're so amazing, and the tears just keep leaking out of my eyes. I'll try to actually give constructive feedback when I have some control. I'm reacting like I did to "Sleep While I Drive," "Handful of Dust," and "Three Impossible Things" in terms of bedazzlement, though. You're a goddess, Jenn. I grovel at your shrine. Loved "Silk," btw. But THIS is killing me. I can't pile on enough praise, so I'll stop embarrassing myself and come back later with a brain.

*huggles* You're such a sweetie. Thank you very much.

I didn't mean to make it THAT sad! I swear! Hope! THere's hope!



The Amazing Spiderman

I loved this story even though I am a die-hard Clexer, the pairing of Peter/Lex seemed to fit in context to the overall plot. Now, I just hope you write a sequel (if I beg hard enough, please?) that has Clark and Lex getting that new chance of being more than friends -- just like Peter suggested.

Re: The Amazing Spiderman


Thank you!

It's--not that I haven't thought about it--I like to FIX things when I break them. It's just--I can't imagine how and make it a good story, if that makes any sense.

But thankyou very much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

The way the story unfolded in two time frames, the fact that I knew exactly what Peter was photographing in Metropolis, the heartbreak and the angst! So wonderful. I'll probably be printing it out to keep forever and ever. Thank you.

Wow, thank you! *blushes*

I still wonder how on earth it came about, to be honest. I'm absolutely thrilled you enjoyed it so much. Crossovers are just--so very different.


I resisted reading this at first (what?), because Lex with anyone else other than Clark? That hurts...and this story certainly did hurt - but in all the right places! Your aim is true as always, unfortunately I can really see something like this happening.
I guess things are never really going to go completely smoothly for Clex, there's always that pesky RIFT - but these boys are meant to be together, dammit...it's destiny!
Plus, you made me totally feel for and sympathise with Peter (and I didn't like the film that much, except for the Harry/Peter sub-text!)

But apart from that, your work on the characters of Clark and Lex and the relationship between them has such a fantastic coherence and congruence that your stories seem to have a cumulative effect on me - they keep adding nuance to an emotional world that I both recognise and adore even if the individual stories describe alternative realities!
I hope that makes sense and is not unwelcome but I am eating 85% noir fin chocolat and it could be the theobromine talking!

Thanks yet again, Jenn.

*blinks* Okay, trying to be coherent and not squeal loudly and do the happy dance....

I'm TOTALLY with you on the destiny thing. *nodnodnod*

And very comprehensible thoughts. THANK YOU.

Chocolate? *interested* What kind again?

*hugs* Double thanks for the comments!

Me again.
I gushed above, and I gushed twice in my LJ, and I'm back to gush some more, hopefully a little more coherently. I don't even want to read CLex right now, because you've so convinced me of the rightness of Peter/Lex. Weird side-effect, that. It's like that night in New York could really be read as the best night of Lex's life. Not sure if Peter gets that, but I do, as the reader. Peter's honesty w/ Lex contrasts brilliantly with Clark's deception. MJ's (ahem - don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't read yet) "status" comes as a complete shock at the end, but you lay the groundwork for it, so I accept it readily, though I cry. But I never would have guessed. More -- you describe Peter's photographs so exquisitely that I see them. I see the black and white moonlit photos of Lex best of all, and they haunt me today. Started rereading the story last night. Woke up at 3:00 a.m. to finish it. Reread bits and pieces AGAIN today between classes. So hooked. So enthralled. Thank you so much. Clark's an idiot. Peter and Lex 4/ever. *g*


That one photo of Lex--I wish I was better at Photoshop, because I can SEE it in my head, just can't do the art to get it right. But yeah--something about that teased me too. This one good, happy night that--*sighs*

God, I am DEPRESSING here!

*hugs* I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm embarassingly grateful it touched you like that. I wanted it to come off more than just gratuitious, so--yes. Wonderful. Makes me happy. *hugs* Thank you.

Just double everything devinmoonshine says, OK? Simpler like that.

This story explains why "Insurgence" made me cry for Clark as well as for Lex -- because being a superhero is *always* about the one you don't save.


Honestly, I can see that. The failure that will haunt spaces in Clark's mind forever, especially when he's old enough and mature enough to really understand how Lex changed in those years they were young, and WHY he changed.

*sighs* Hurts, oh yes.

Thank you. *hugs*

(Trying again... maybe LJ won't hate me today!)

Loved Standing in the Common. Normally I don't care for crossovers (I'm sure you've heard that!), but this was incredible. I've always wanted a really good Spiderman story to hold in my heart--this is it, in spades!

I always thought the best reason for writing crossovers is to illuminate the characters in a way that can't be easily done using the canon from just one show. More shallow reasons include thinking the two guys would be hot together.

You've managed to capture both, plus the spectrum in between. The story is incredible on several levels--I loved the sex, I loved that Lex had a male lover who might deserve him (unlike Clark, who's pissing me off more and more each episode), and I loved what you've brought to light. The interactions between Spiderman (and Peter) and Superman (and Clark) were wonderful.

Fantastic story! *happy sigh*

Must update recs page...


Someties I think Lj's job in life is to pretend convenience and drive one crazy.

*happy sigh* Annnyway. I answered your comments in my email, but thank you again for the wonderful feedback. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!

Lovely story, Jenn. There is an e-mail in your box with details, the jist being that there is so much pain in this story, but still hope. Reporter Clark, he makes me sad. All that was brave and happy about Clark gets funnelled into superman, and there's just this quiet shell left behind that's Clark. Teenage Clark hasn't yet perfected the art of blending into the shadows yet, but this Clark seems somehow squashed.
The previews for next week's Smallville are enticing. The most recent episodes have actually given me an interesting idea for a way to get Clark and Lex together.

*grins* I'll answer it today. Thanks, btw!

The previews for next week's Smallville are enticing. The most recent episodes have actually given me an interesting idea for a way to get Clark and Lex together.

*perks up* Really??????

*deeply interested*

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