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Okay, after a lot of reading and thought, I take the story as correct in essentials, metaphoric or symbolic in details. Cuddy didn't work on him personally (in retrospect, their interactions were too stranger-type for her to have hired him and then worked on him, though damn, I *really* like the idea that she did), and the timeline is weird, and right now, I'm really willing to believe the writers are getting their own timeline right, since so far, they're doing such a fantastic job. I'm still debating the junkie before/junkie after thing--either way, it's interesting as hell. Either he *was* a junkie and it's kind of mirroring of Foreman and the Homeless Chick, or he *wasn't* and they assumed by his actions that he was. I mean, the result was the same either way. Right now, I'd give actual teeth to have taped this to see if he ever *said* the man was a junkie, or simply said that everyone assumed it and left it up as an assumption without ever contradicting it.

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I *trust* this show and these writers to know what they're doing, at least until they prove me wrong. So. If I trust them, and think they know what they're doing, I'm going to wonder, why didn't Wilson ever appear?

He got the five (six!) minute break time fantasy with House, discussing Stacy. After that--everyone else played. His little merry band of doctors. Cuddy. But through all three woven stories, not even a cameo. Now, tzikeh pointed out, and rightly, that the story was Stacy/House, and focused at that, so no, we won't see friends wandering in--this was about him and Stacy and assumptions and risks. But still, all the regular cast showed up somewhere *except* Wilson, which is--I don't know. It probably doesn't mean anything, except I noticed it as the obvious omission. Even for the tumor girl, where he could have been the oncologist that removed the tumor from her leg. Hmm.

Things I Love

That mug. Him wrinkling his nose, taking a drink, and you *know* that instantly, he knew why Professor Someone was getting sick at work. That just killed me.

Cameron taking the life history and geneaology. That was *so perfect*. I mean, an exaggeration, but so perfectly *her*.

Chase, Foreman, and the dog. So. Damn. Good.

House, diagnosing himself before he has a heart attack. That was just--wow. I mean, cool does not describe it. Writhing in pain, still sarcastic but softer, somehow. Less sharply bitter, less anger. God, what he must have been *like* back then. All that brilliance and not as likely to tear himself to pieces every few seconds just for the masochistic fun of it.

And that entire Sophie's Choice thing going on. It's rare that I can see myself understanding perfectly both sides. If I'd been Stacy, I'd have been there with a tourniquet, a chainsaw, and some heavy duty restraints, just ready to *get that thing off*, and if I'd been House, waking up to a great deal less leg than I'd expected to see when I got up--new *universes* of pissed. Even stoned out of his head, I get some seriously freaky visions of his initial reaction to seeing that. We've seen House angry, but I'll bet he set a whole new standard on epic tantrums.

I like Stacy. I do. I see why he loves her and I see why they broke up, and I see why he hasn't quite ever let her go even after he did. And I can see why he wouldn't want anyone after--right action or no on her part, he lost the full use of his leg and his trust in her, and in this case, there isn't a way to get it back as unfractured as it was, or maybe at all. In his head, he's a *doctor*, and it's his body, for that matter, and it's got to grate beyond words that she both took his choice away *and* didn't believe in his choice of treatment of himself.

God, I love this show. I love it. I love everything about it, everyone in it. I *forgot* how *good* it is to watch a show this incredibly sharp and fun and *powerful* and rich. Bliss. This show gets my cookie icon for happy.
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