Seperis (seperis) wrote,

Speak Up About Season Five

Speak up about season five! Our own inexhaustible (does this girl sleep?) svmadelyn has started up a postcard campaign.

It's a--thing. Will it help? No clue. Will it change anything? Fandom brings back *dead shows* sometimes. We are exorcists. Sort of. In a completely non-creepy Exorcist way.

Or not. But it's something we can do. And yes, I will have *so little patience* if you don't do and then complain about how season five has managed, impossibly, to be worse than season four. Y'all, Lana has not *yet* been made into a goddess with omnipotence and there hasn't been mpreg. This show? Can scare us more. We love our show. We miss the plotlines that made sense. There can be improvement. We just need them to *see* it.

Read all about it here.

I want inspirational music. svmadelyn -- do we have a soundtrack yet?
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