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dvd burner question
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, here's the question.

Let's say one was buying a DVD burner for their computer. What is one looking for in one, besides being both +/- and dual-layer. Any recommendations on what to get? Coming with really cool software for editing adn so forth is a plus. I have read so much on google my head hurts. I'm leaning toward the Pioneer one, with teh A09 letters involved in the name, as it looks okay and comes wiht good software and doesn't scare me too badly. Recs, anyone?

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Pioneer is very good in my multiple-drive experience, and pretty much the gold standard for compatibility. Nero software for burning and DVD-lab for actually authoring DVDs are the best software packages (dvd-lab isn't bundled with anything though as far as I know, you just have to get it separately).

I bought the one that Compgeeks had on sale. Nothing special about it, btu no problems to report either.

I am a happy owner of Pioneer 108, a model one step behind the one you are considering. A very good and reliable DVD-burner. Go for it.

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