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I'm hoping in the future, Lex gets a better class of subordinates.

*sighs* This is the reason I love Smallville.

I loved this episode. It is so damn good I wonder if this was slipped in by accident.

Okay, anytime Lex gets to be actively Lex? Always good. So what if every DAMN time he gets to do anything, it has to be a bad thing or a questionable thing or a shooting thing. Which, if next week is any indiction, the show is going to do something as bizarre as possible, so I'll just stick with this.

Lex has GOT to get himself a good minion.

Seriously here. His biggest pitfall right now is that he's just not naturally very good at picking reliable hired muscle and criminals. It's frustrating. He's smart, he has money, nad the boy has absolutely NO instincts on how to pick people who would be scared to death to cross you. *sighs* Poor baby.

So lo, Martha stood up for herself. I liked it. Jonathan was an ass. Everything was going pretty much like one might expect. God, it was nice to see Martha stand up for herself.

I do like how Jonathan never apologizes or really backs down, though. He just looked mildly abashed every time he behaved like an ass. Can the man apologize? Or is that unmanly in some way?

Minimal Lana. YAY!

Okay, I'll be far more coherent, but the Lex woobieness is kiling me. He gave up Jonathan beautifully, in a way I hope will haunt Jonathan in later years. He's about on the edge of giving up on everything, including himself, and that end scene of him actaully brought tears to my eyes.

It's so--he's just not naturally GOOD at this sort of thing. All along, there's the genrealized feel that he's fighting destiny, of becoming his father. This is the first time it's occurred to me he's actually being dragged AWAY from his destiny of being a good and great man and instead forced into the dark by pure pressure. Which is--a very different way of looking at things. Because he jsut isn't GOOD at it. It's not just his age, either, or his impetuousness--he's simply not wired that way.

I'm thinking he's going to be rewiring himself very soon so he can. *sighs*

Lex, when you go dark, it's almost going to be a relief. Just so he won't hurt anymore.


I'll be relatively analytical later, but damn. I'm utterly beside myself with sheer excitement.
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