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question for the community
children of dune - leto 1
Is there any way to search your own LJ to see if you posted something already? I was reading my first, and for some reason, discarded ending of Jus, Rogue POV, and I keep thinking I posted it, but maybe I only sent it to khakigrrl. Not sure. I tried the search thing on the userinfo page, but that didn't pick up everything.

Any suggestions?

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Don't know if this helps but if you go to your user info page, there's a magnifine glass in the box with the posting options. Clicking on that will take you to a search engine page where you can enter in key words and the like.

Hope that helps!

Gah! Nevermind. Disregard that post.

I swear I know how to read.

*laughs* No problem. i've actually started trying again wtih different keywords ot see if something pops up. Ther'esalways teh possibility I *didn't* post it, but I'm not sure. Hmm.

(Deleted comment)
Hmm. I may try that. Thanks! I forgot about that thing!

Erm, I don't know about search options, but as a great admirer of that particular story, I think I remember you mentioning something about showing the ending to khakigrrl, as it wasn't posted anywhere, but not actually posting the ending itself.

I feel rather silly for actually remembering that, but I really loved that story and I guess the mention of an actual, finished ending existing stuck in my memory - even if I didn't get to see the ending itself.

Btw, since I'm on the subject... is there any chance you'll be posting it, if you haven't already?

Hmm. I was thinking of doing so if I hadn't already. I can't figure out why I didn't use *this* one for the end of the actual storyline, before the last interlude. I mean, I *really* can't. It's bothering me, so I've been kind of idly reading through all the other versions to see what I thought went wrong.

I will tomorrow, I think, after spellchecking. It's kind of comforting to realize my typing has actually not gotten worse over time--I'm just as bad now as I was then!

*ponders story*

*is happy*

I'm so looking forward to finally reading the end of this story! I mean, you were right before when you said it came to an end, but it's still a treat to see the actual finale, y'know?

I'm a bit confused though... this ending goes before the last interlude?

Ah well, I suppose it'll make sense once read. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

if you use any of the archiving on your hd software you have a most wonderful search function by words and expressions in post and/or comments. I started using LJarchive and it rocks so hard!!!!

You sent it to me, a long while ago, but that particular computer died. ):

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