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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Note to self: You don't like writing death scenes. So really, is there a good reason you're going to write *three* of them?

I'm just saying, this does not make a fluffy moment make, no matter how many cliches of romance you pack into the death scene, kay?

*munches cookies disconsolately*

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Don't taunt the frightened fen.

Hand over the CLex cookies, unburnt, and nobody gets hurt.

*huddles with cookies and keyboard*

Do you take glee in making poor fangirls blind with panic on a dreary saturday afternoon? I don't know if we should continue to trust you with any cookies, especially not the poor chip ones.

*hugs you anyway*

It's--gah. I kept putting it *off*. And now I'm staring at it, thinking, I coudl totally rewrite this and make everyone live happily. Yay! Yet so not happening. Boo.

Well, those annoying characters will take things where they demand. Trying to fight them is usually futile.

Maybe you should start putting warnings on your stories.

'Sleep Where I Drive' is 0 cookies.
'Somewhere' is 1 cookie.
The latest Somewhere snippet is a dozen cookies and a pint of Hagen-Daaz.
From the sound of things, whatever you're working on will be a bakery and an entire freezer of premium ice cream.

*cackles* I love it! A cookie rating!

*De-lurks* You can't help it when your muse turns angsty on you. And there are romantic tragedies out there. Someone also made a good point that the "Somewhere" snippet is an AU. *Sends chocolate and ice cream b/c maybe the cookies aren't as potent as they used to be*

*clutches ice cream* I need it *bad*.

Aw geez! Who are you killing off? I'm still traumatized from the "Somewhere" snippet!

No one in that universe. So far, anyway. I want ot keep the death count low.

Okay - When I read this I was all happy that it couldn't apply to Landscape, thinking them safe in perfect AU world. *shakes head sadly* How naive I am.

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