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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*sighs* only for you, chica
children of dune - leto 1
For the fifty-five word challenge. Don't ask me how many words I kept having to delete. I have no idea how I could be more cliched, except it could have been fifty-five word porn, and I am not cruel enough to do that to anyone, even myself.

Title: It Was a Year Ago
Author: jenn


The sky's the limit these days, but you settle for the new LexCorp building.

On the roof, you think of home, and before, and the last time he drove away. You knew he wasn't coming back.

He knows you come here, through broken locks and up impossible flights of stairs.

You just wished he cared.

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Wow. That's so...depressing. Way to go pumpkin. *blinks fast*

Would Lex care if Clark went in and sat on his desk with just a strategically placed bow and a shy smile? *sniffles*

I know! And it was all my [Unknown LJ tag]'s fault too! I She should feel bad!

That should be tamalinn.

awww, why NOT 50-word porn? come on, we're both bored and lj-ing on a friday night...

It's what he does best.

One smooth motion down, grinning around cock at the barely coherent words that flow like water around them.

Lex's nails in his hair, this second, this *moment*, when Lex gives up with a shudder that shakes the chair.

Superheros have a lot of ways of keeping the enemy off guard.

Buh! I shook my chair. Thanks!

*sniff* Painful. But very well done, packed with emotion.

Dude, I so couldn't do a 50 word challenge. *is way too long-winded* ^_^

Short, sharp and bitterly sweet ;)

i kept having to cut adjectives. It was very, very, very traumatizing.

*wipes sweat away*

Thank you!

There's something wrong with my brain since you broke it with your latest "Somewhere" snippet; I read this short as the conclusion of that piece and got all teary.

(Actually, it kind of reminded me of this story, I think because the "he knows you come here...you just wished he cared" lines sound like they could be Superman's POV.)

Please. I am begging you. Write more "Somewhere"-verse and restore the chocolate-chip happy goodness! :-P

omg. Tell me you didn't just write a 55 word coda to Only Sometimes because that's just adding salt to the wound *G*

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