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pretty house things (the show, not a domestic place of residence)

I'll just say it.

House/Wilson slash? Scares me. Make that scared, past tense. I got over it.

Okay, not becuase I do not love its feet and all component parts. I am *glutting* on it, after a long period of time being absolutely sure that no matter what I read, it would scare me so badly that the enternal porn movie of my mind would be filthied and I'd be forced to take up a life of celibacy--no, I already have that--a life free of porn.

Luckily, tzikeh has recs! Do we love her? Yes. Yes, we do. Also, there is a thing called Gateway Authors. They are the Marijuana of fandom. They lead us to indulge in things we would not indulge in normally. Or things we would, but with a lot more shame and also, terror when we have to read *everything* to find one *good* thing, and seriously, nothing scares me as badly as bad House slash, unless it is Lex mpreg, which is enough to make me cry.

We love her, we do.

We also talk about ourselves in the first plural just because it's that damn amusing.


My Gateway drugs are astolat and basingstoke, may someday, I figure out how they do that. Both are recced in tzikeh's post, but Bas wrote three others, just as *good*, and um, yeah. Mmm. Slash pretty.

From kassrachel's suggestion:

Name That Tune by Miriam Heddy. Mmmm. Yeah. We'll leave it at that., we really won't.

And that was enough to get him over to the piano, close enough to touch Greg, and maybe even hit him. He realized he hadn'tthat they hadn't kissed (and might not, and it was odd, but he couldn't imagine the kissing, perhaps because then House's mouth would be closed, and all that biting wit would be contained, a thousand cutting thoughts slicing him up silently. It was better, somehow, to suffer House's honesty aloud than to imagine what he might say, and, worse still, what he thought of himself, that knife turned inward with surgical precision.)

Still, he leaned over, put a hand on Greg's shoulder, pressing down hard, and Greg looked up at him and wasn't smirking or mocking, just looking. Interested.

"If I could, I'd get on my knees for you." Greg's voice was hushed and hoarse, and his hands, still resting on the keys, trembled a little before he tightened them into fists, resting them on his lap.

That line? Should not work. It really, really, really does. Jesus, it does.

Trivial Pursuits by Milkshake Butterfly. Okay, this one just--hee. Board games in bed. Jsut worked for me.

He'd been divorced for four weeks, six days, and eight hours--and just because this was the third time didn't mean it necessarily hurt any less--when House finally did something, possibly because after all this time Wilson had stopped expecting him to.


Game Plan by Kass. I really loved this one, but she has three others, same archive, all nice. This one just made me giggle as well as sweat, always good.

Yes. You start with gateway authors, you end up, look, post-midnight!--trawling the archive and trying to make tzikeh make a bet with you when the first House Mpreg will appear. My guess? Wilson carrying.

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