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rec: In the Bedroom by Misty

Misty's--seriously amazing me.

Okay, you probably don't need background info on her, but she's been fannish FOREVER, and recently we both did time in X-Men Movieverse, where she wrote the first and definitive L/R story Fatal Caress, so was a massive influence to me even before we became friends. I loved her there, I read her B/A and A/C in the BtVS and Angel fandoms sometimes, and I tried VERY HARD to lure her into Smallville, even though she's been pretty much All Het, All the Time. I figured Lex would break her down. *g*

So of course, let me just dance, because she's written one of the BEST Chloe/Lana fics I've read.

In the Bedroom by Misty.

She did a LOT of things that surprised me. One, she worked inside canon and inside speculative canon. Two, she made me LIKE both Lana and Chloe equally, and trust me, that's an achievement. Three, she kept them in character, and managed to explain some of their more bizarre behavior on the show and make it reasonable. Four, she developed this so naturally that when the slashiness hit--it was perfect.

From Dichotic through the coming episode, she develops a both simple and complex relationship between two girls living together, both in love with the same guy, but also bonding with each other. It's a subtle story--Misty touches so lightly you have no idea where you're going until you get there, and it just seems right and natural once you do. The arguments are about Clark and yet have very little to do with him.

*grins* Know what else blows my mind? Her first slash story. I hoped she would write SOMETHING Smallville, because I love her work, but this is just--amazing.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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