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children of dune - leto 1
Well. A lot has happened.

1.) Got accepted to college. Now the joy of figuring out how far I am from my degree. I'm staring at my list of classes I've taken. And I wonder if I went crazy. I wasn't just a freakish butterfly. I was a freakish, *high* butterfly. Macroeconomics, I ask you. I remember that class chiefly for the fact that a.) I passed it and b.) I never figured out what those damn charts meant. There are *three possible minors* looking at me. It is scaring me.

2.) Got financial aid results. Shockingly, I qualify. Now I just have to discover for what.

3.) Am getting fired starting in November.

You'd think the last would upset me. But RIF, or Reduction in Force, starts in November, so we shall be looking at the unemployment line coming up soon. I'm kind of gleeful, in a sick and twisted way. A very, very sick and twisted way. Cause *whee*! New job! Well, let's hope. Or unemployment! Which is less of a whee, but sounds interesting, at least. The letter was very nice and upbeat. Which is just disturbing any way you put it. Telling you that you are losing your job should be more dank. Or at least, realistic.

Still dreaming over Onyx. Have spent the last two days rerunning it in my head. It? Is happiness.

Now, I need somethign to do that has nothing to do with potential school. Like--writing. Editing. *Something*.

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Congratulations!!! I hope the eclectic nature of your course work will let you cover all the basics so that you can focus on what you really are interested in.

And yeah on the aid!!!

I'm excited on one, wary on the other. *ponders* This will, at least, be intersting.

*grins* Thanks!

Awesome, where are you going?

Texas State University, nominally in San Marcos.

I'm sorry that you're losing your job, but glad that you're not sorry about it, if you follow me. And wheeee! for school. Lotsa possibilities.

Yes to both. Totally yes to both. It'll be difficult, but--hmm. Exciting maybe? Yes, that definitely.


Congratulations!!!!! (And I am not a woman who uses multiple exclamation points promiscuously.)

Leaving the job will give you more time to study, right? :) I hope they're giving you a severance package. (That's how I moved to California.)

Hee. No, the state does not. But I will get all the money I had saved up in retirement returned to me in IRA form, though I'm not sure how much that is. Probably not much. The only thing that really worries me is the health insurance question, but I can move Nicky to my mother's if necessary.

Still, though. Iv'e done my calculations on how many hours I need ot graduate, and it seems to be hovering between twenty-four and thirty-three. I think. So pondering. I really, really need to get my logins forthe website so I can see my entire transcript translated to TSU form so I can see what they let me substitute and what I still need.

So. At least I will not be bored.

Sadly, one loses a cut of the retirement stuff -- or at least, one does from a 401(k), which I'd had (and had only had one or two deposits into, it was so recent!) when I got fired from my last job.

Still, good timing that you got the college acceptance and the fin aid at the same time as you learn you'll be unemployed -- and hence free to be a full-time student. One good thing about learning this so far in advance is you have six or seven months to see what you can do about paying off anything you have to pay off or saving up rather than blowing it all on DVD sets and trampolines so that you can get by on just your fin aid. Because you can probably knock out that many hours in a year or so if you go full-time -- though I don't know that I'd recommend doing so fall semester because you'll still be working through most of that, still you can get a couple of courses in and then odds are you might be able to take most of what you'll have left to deal with in the spring semester.

Yay for the first two! Hmm for the third one.

*grins* That was my reaction.

Good for hte school and the financial aid, hmmm for the loss of job, and yay! for your enthusiasm :)

*laughs* Thanks on all counts.

Suckiness on the losing the job part. But, to echo others, I suppose that it gives you more time to finish school.

It'll work, I hope. I hope a *lot*.

Yay! YAY!! Congrats on the school and woofuckinhoo on the financial aid. Now, as for the job, *snugs* but I'ma thinkin' it's all gonna be just fine, darlin.

*crosses fingers* I am hoping muchly. Thanks!

Congratulations on being accepted into College.

Putting a positive spin on number 3 - more time for studying. Yay! Besides, I think you'll find a new job soon.

Yes. I am going to look at it very optimistically.

So Yay!

Yay, congratulations for the college and the financial aid. I'm sorry for losing job part.

I am so going for the positive spin on this


Yay school! Hee. *snuggles* Sorry about the job, but a new job or even unemployment can be fun. Sort of. Heh.

Congratulations about school!

A couple of thoughts: First, you'll kick ass as a returning student. I have no doubt about this. None. In fact, you'll be pissed at the pace of the courses, wishing your profs would move through the material FASTER, damnit.

Second, I bet you could get enough financial aid to live on without needing to work. You'll love it. You'll love it so much you'll fly through your undergrad work and straight into grad school. You. Will. Rule. The. World.

*loves on Jen*

Woo for 1 and 2. Woo for the fact that 3 isn't scaring and/or horrifying you.

What an adventure! All the best with all of it.

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