Seperis (seperis) wrote,

Well. A lot has happened.

1.) Got accepted to college. Now the joy of figuring out how far I am from my degree. I'm staring at my list of classes I've taken. And I wonder if I went crazy. I wasn't just a freakish butterfly. I was a freakish, *high* butterfly. Macroeconomics, I ask you. I remember that class chiefly for the fact that a.) I passed it and b.) I never figured out what those damn charts meant. There are *three possible minors* looking at me. It is scaring me.

2.) Got financial aid results. Shockingly, I qualify. Now I just have to discover for what.

3.) Am getting fired starting in November.

You'd think the last would upset me. But RIF, or Reduction in Force, starts in November, so we shall be looking at the unemployment line coming up soon. I'm kind of gleeful, in a sick and twisted way. A very, very sick and twisted way. Cause *whee*! New job! Well, let's hope. Or unemployment! Which is less of a whee, but sounds interesting, at least. The letter was very nice and upbeat. Which is just disturbing any way you put it. Telling you that you are losing your job should be more dank. Or at least, realistic.

Still dreaming over Onyx. Have spent the last two days rerunning it in my head. It? Is happiness.

Now, I need somethign to do that has nothing to do with potential school. Like--writing. Editing. *Something*.
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