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shattered and asylum
children of dune - leto 1
Yes. I see why these two episodes are definitely something I will never ever watch again.

*munches cookies*

*pets you* For me, they were the final nail in the coffin of Annie-leaving-SV-behind.

There were reasons aside from the totally scarring-for-life, but really, I edged away from the canon and haven't looked back. (Well, not to the show. I've read a couple of shorter fics over the last 6-12 months, but that's it.)

I just. I have no idea how I feel, except shocky. That was way too much.

(Deleted comment)
*takes it and stares* People *survived* this?

But - but don't you love how Clark sticks by Lex is Shattered even though anyone else would think Lex had completely lost it? And Lex crawls across the floor bleeding for Clark. Not only that, but the look on Clark's face, the anger he has for Lionel after Asylum...

Despite how painful those eps are, I think those are the ones that really show the depth of feeling those two boys have for one another.

It does. It so does. It's just--God, Lex. *Lex*.

I'll be online in five.


I am never going to be able to forget that look on Lex's face. Any of them.

I need more cookies. Like, now.

A couple weeks ago I had a mini SV marathon and watched all three DVD sets. I watched every single episode EXCEPT for Shattered and Asylum. I just couldn't do it. I'd rather watch the worst SV episode ever made than watch those two episodes again. 'Cause they hurt!!!

There, there, there, there, there.

*pets* I don't think I could ever watch them again either, because it was in a way, the last chance for 'plan A'. Now it's all 'plan B' and let blood rain from heaven.

Seriously, both kill me. Dead. But sooooo important to watch.

I guess they fit into the omgithurtssobaditsgood category?

I'm a bit of a masochist when it comes to TV shows. Those two episodes hurt so bad, but I love them. Especially Shattered. OMG, the ending! With Lionel! *quivering lower lip*
I guess I like having my heart broken and stomped all over it. Or something *lol*

Ahh, same here. I love them to bits.

Oh! You did it! I'm so proud! Was it as horrible as you thought it would be? Or just you know, upsetting and hard to watch?

I saw them on the first run and yeah, they were very hard to watch. And when I got my S3 DVDs I skipped right by them. The thought of re-watching them makes my voice get all high and squeaky and loud and I keep repeating why? how? why? how? watch them again? why? how? why? how? So, no. That's not something I'm prepared to do just yet. Or maybe ever will be. But whatever, I love Lex. I think he's very special. Shattered was a fantastic episode, but at the end with his eyes all dark and him in the...and that SONG! Who knew Johnny Cash could make Trent Reznor even more upsetting. Though I do wonder if they had played the original what it would have been like. But I always thought that since it was Johnny Cash the song really referred more to Lionel. But I'm not re-watching to see if I'm wrong. And Asylum. Well its best really to not speak about Asylum. Because I really was not expecting THAT and truthfully, I started screaming. Like a completely psychotic freak, but there you go. Just screaming my head off.

It was like on Oz (have you ever seen Oz?), this one guy (who I won't name in case you haven't seen it and might one day and don't want spoilers) gets electrocuted but he really shouldn't because he's mentally challenged. But its' the second or maybe third time he's been put in the chair and each time he's been saved, but this time he wasn't. And I wasn't expecting it. I just figured no, they won't do that. Tom Fontana will not do that to me. And it was the same thing with Lex. I really thought Clark would save him. Oh it was so awful! I can't talk about it anymore, I'll get upset.

Anyway (this is really long) like I said before now you don't ever have to watch them again (like the rest of the fandom:)).

There are support groups. There's excising your demons through fic. And, of course, there's chocolate. *G*

yeah, supporting you here. I get upset at TPTB (unreasonably) just thinking about those eps - how they've traumatized the characters and all of us to... well, little point if they can't resolve things better than this.

I understand. I actually saw a fanvid (an excellent one, with "Blue On Black" as the music, though I can't for the life of me remember the vidder's name -- but YAY, YOU, whoever you are!) before I saw the eps, and I cried for an hour after I watched it.

Having said that, I think these eps are a vital part of the Clark/Lex relationship, and of the development of the characters. And they made me want to take Lex away and look after him.