Seperis (seperis) wrote,

whee! bed!

Finally, teh website put up a picture.

For those who were curious what bed I ended up buying--and yes, my narcissm knows no bounds...

Now I just have a desperate desire for all the matching furniture. It's like, a compulsion. Dresser, double nightstands, armoire (holds the TV), chest of drawers, and lamp. because I am that materialistic. Basically, what is saving my check card is all the savings for two trips, camp for Child, and a trampoline purchase in the next twelve months.

But just barely.

*pets bed* I love my bed so much.

Yeah. Also, me and svmadelyn are assigning things for Kink/Cliche Challenge. I am taking Epic Revenge--er, I mean, I am totally disinterested in those who signed up in deciding what they get. Cause I am nice and nonpartial that way. Oh yes, I am.
Tags: jenn's life
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