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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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whee! bed!
children of dune - leto 1
Finally, teh website put up a picture.

For those who were curious what bed I ended up buying--and yes, my narcissm knows no bounds...


Now I just have a desperate desire for all the matching furniture. It's like, a compulsion. Dresser, double nightstands, armoire (holds the TV), chest of drawers, and lamp. because I am that materialistic. Basically, what is saving my check card is all the savings for two trips, camp for Child, and a trampoline purchase in the next twelve months.

But just barely.

*pets bed* I love my bed so much.

Yeah. Also, me and svmadelyn are assigning things for Kink/Cliche Challenge. I am taking Epic Revenge--er, I mean, I am totally disinterested in those who signed up in deciding what they get. Cause I am nice and nonpartial that way. Oh yes, I am.

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Did you just buy the bed? I could of swore you posted a pic of that bed months ago. You did right? As a choice? Cause if not my brain is freaking me out again.

I was looking at a very similar one at Lacks, but this one had a better headboard and was less expensive, so no, you're cool. *g* I found it before tehy put it up on the website, so until now, I never had a chance to get a pic out of it.

*loves headboard*

Whew! Okay. So I just saw one similar to it. That's good. It is a nice headboard. We just got a new mattress and box springs and they are huge! Our old bed was about 8 years old so it was definitely time to change. I'm still getting used to how high up it is.

Damn, that's a lovely bed.

Thank you!

Seriously, I so love my bed. Just looking at it puts me in a better mood. Like really expensive anti-depressants or something.

trampoline warning


Sorry to be anonymous. As a person who spent three months in a neck brace last year, I have a public service announcement: when doing flips on a trampoline/moonbounce, if you land basically on your head, you can damage ligaments in your neck and require a vertebral fusion. I was in a moonbounce, but I'm pretty sure a trampoline is at least as risky. So please be careful, you and Child!


Re: trampoline warning


We've been reading up on the dangers of gymnastics on it. He's been on one before, so Child knows there are some things he cannot do at all. But it's good to get a reminder on that.

*grins* It really is. I mean, to me. In a totally platonic-bed-love way.

The *headboard*. Literally, we went into the store specifically to see this bed, and I handed over my card teh second I saw it in real life.

*adores bed deeply*

Seriously, I have *got* to get over the infatuation soon.

Yes, it's a good thing you had me as a totally objective friend there only to help out.

*pets you* You are good people.


(Deleted comment)
Oooooh, that is a nice bed. We got a four-poster with scroll-y-type-stuff on top when I was preggers... we had plans, at the time, to get gauzy fabric for draping.

This has not yet happened.

You? :)

Ooh, see, I want to do that. But I have the artistic sensibilites of a ham sandwich when it comes to the mysterious arts of home decorating. Somehwere, I saw a pretty bed model with the gauze drapd *just right*--I'll probably print it and hold it up to use it as a model. *grins*

*adores bed*

the artistic sensibilites of a ham sandwich

Ditto, ditto, ditto. *facepalm* There's a reason my walls are bare and the furniture matches only in that it's all... various shades of wooden.

As an aside, I am... looking at Democracy Fest down there in mid-June. Mostly because, dude, Molly Ivins is speaking at dinner and I adore her. But I'm thinking, two days on my own with Political People != four days on my own with Fannish People, and wow that's a ways out of my comfort zone. I haven't decided whether I'm up for it or not.

Anyway. If I do wind up in Austin, wanna do dinner? :)

I emerge from my cloud of fatigue to say: Yummy bed!

Thanks, sweetie. *hugs*

Hey, we have similar taste. I just bought this bed:


It's being delivered this Saturday. I can't wait!

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