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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Lalala procrastinating. But productively so.

Posted Silk. Only, what, three months after writing it? *sighs* My WiP folder is still scary.

Generalized musings in the diary, because it seems I cannot meta well in LJ. It's like a bizarre block.

And ultrafast rec for Enfante Terrible by Devin Moonshine. Damn. Wow. Different, definitely. Definitely should read.

Also? The Story by valisme, because Val rocks everywhere, even in StS fic. VERY good story. Must read.

I'm making jello tonight.

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mmm, jello. that sounds like a good idea *g*

Strawberry jello with bananas. *grins*


And WHY isn't LJ sending me LJ messages again? Gah!

*fans self* Silk is so goddamned hot, Jenn. I love flustered!Clark, and Lex teasing him while being all flustered himself under his calm exterior. And the mythology section!?! Bwee!

Also thanks for the recs - you have good taste. :)

Hee! Thanks. I like Flustered!Clark. He's so cute while freaking out. *grins*

Glad you like the recs.

Silk was... uhm... uhm... (struggling with words) very very hot.


*grins* Thank you SO much. Silk boxers work for me muchly.

(Deleted comment)
*dies laughing*

I'm so glad to save you from the endlessness that is books about Communist China. I still have bad memories of taking a class about it. Just--gah.

I started resetning Communism specifically because its existence made me read endlessly about it. that can't be healthy.

Silk was hot when you first put it out, and continues to be hot, and I'd truly love to see the scene when Lex managed to talk him into doing it in the first place. Um...do you do pre-quels on request?

Oh, god...

Forget English. Clark feels lucky he's even capable of semi-rational thought.

This is exactly how I feel right now. So. Fucking. Hot.

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