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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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insta!rec - untitled by comicbkromance
Mmm. Adjective Clexness. Lex exercises his vocabulary.

Untitled by comicbkromance -- so pretty.

Lex lies in bed and tries to think of every word he knows for "beautiful."

Off the top of his head, he can think of roughly one hundred and fifty, in eight languages (if you weren’t counting Latin, and he wasn’t)—Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, and Arabic. Clark stretches in his sleep, the sheets rucking around his hips, and he makes a breathy, contented sound.

Lex wishes he knew Ancient Sumerian. Mandarin. A couple of African dialects.

Mmmm. *Pretty*. And see! Excuse to use my cookies icon!

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Thank you for this rec. HOT. *G*

I was doing my *guuuhhh* thing there too.

Cause totally. Guh.

You totally didn't mention it was that hot! You should warn a girl of that... especially when she's in the middle of doing an assignment and really can't afford to let her brain melt.

And now I'm stuck on the thought of "Mmmmmm... Clark pretty..."

(...which is far more interesting than "B2C websites need high usability to be perceived as credible" thoughts I was having before...)


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