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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
*bites lip* One more time. To see it jump.

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You're insane!! LOL! I love it!

To see Jenn write is a jump for joy,
she make happy many a girl and boy,
A Clex guru, few finer there can be
I'd read her stuff on top of an apple tree,
She knows our sexy Lexy's innermost soul
Hidden agendas, with many a lucrative goal
His heart so shattered and what could be
How we love reading adventures of this woobie!
Delving Clark, not so shallow as you'd think
As long as you don't go post-Asylum's brink
Our adorkable boy, who cares about all
Loves his Lex, but terrified of his fall
Except when you switched them, roles reverse,
That was one creepy vision for the universe!
Genius in it's own right, and brave you know,
Cause Al and Mi have not the balls to ever go
You keep turning 'em out and oh my then
you wrote of a road trip and I melted again
For very different reasons, and how the hell
did you make sexy a moldering roach motel?!?
I love you're Clexy fics, those lovely boys
I can see you take good care of your toys
Running out of steam, better now go, go,
Wanted to say: Bravo Jenn! Good show! Good show!

*laughs until crying*

God, I love you.

*smooches, still laughing*

did you make sexy a moldering roach motel?!?

Hey, the roaches hid during the smut. And watched. As any sane roach would do.

*hugs hugs hugs, still laughing*

*Blushes and wishes to be a sane roach*

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