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all the strange things

One: I stayed home from work today for no reason. Apathy combined with a distinct level of stress is not good. I have a *twitch*. Seriously, so not joking here. Beneath my left eye, some little, tiny, invisible muscle starts jerking and continues for hours. I have no idea what to make of this development in my life.

Two: My sister and her husband are not getting a divorce. Again. Yay? I'm thinking, if this all falls out like it should, in the next few months, I will personally call Jerry Springer. Cause drama like this shouldn't be kept in the family. The mocking potential is enormous.

Three: Also, John Schneider appeared in a country music vid. And he was hot. In a suit. All good hair and I need a *therapist*. Cause man. So very wrong and so right.

Four: I so love HP. I do. I do. I take back my twitching about Draco, by fifty. Since God alone knows when I'm updating my recs page, tossing in these here so I don't forget them from among the Smallville stories. From various people on my friendslist, svmadelyn and cjandre and a desperate trip through the Silverlake archive. I feel like a junkie. A really, really strange junkie.

Friend Like Me by Lady Vader
When Draco rewrites history. This is such a wonderful Draco, aching and angry and too jaded to believe anything, even in his own stories. Even there, he can't get a happy ending. Second person POV, but it immerses you so *much* this way. If ever a story was created that justified the use of second person, this one does.

Home for Wayward Elves by Eolianbeck
H/Hr/D, this wonderful, rich Hermione voice, post war. Where all things are possible. What really annoys me was she showed me this one before she posted it, and I loved it, and remembered it, except I kept forgetting to add it to my recs page, cause I'm a big idiot. There's not really much I can say about it other than Hermione was fascinating, and so was the new world after the war through her eyes. And happy! So happy.

Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, And The Pursuit Of Knowledge by Halrloprillalar
I just love how low-key this is, all the way through. Subtle, even. And I love Remus/Severus, so there you go.

Of Cloaks and Daggers by Rowan R
Severus is convinced Remus is out to kill him. Albus is going to get a hernia at the rate he's going. And everything is just funny. Don't bother with worries on characterization--it is just too damn much fun to read.

The Other Side by Ethrosdemon.
Paydirt! Harry is so *crazy*. I mean, in the fifth book, you kind of think that his sanity is slipping free--God knows, at thsi point, he could kill everyone he's ever met and still get out of a murder convinction--but wow. The rage. The helplessness. The way fate should always be bitchslapped around a few times. Draco's a mystery, but I can see him getting tired of Riddle's craziness compared to Harry's. At least Harry's, he can control. Or at least really enjoy the ride. I am happy. I am content. I am an OASIS of joy and rapture. This is as good as chocolate chip cookies. Seriously. So damn *good*.

I am sending her feedback as soon as I can do it without offering up organs for something else. Something with Harry ruling the world with an iron fist with Draco telling him how to do it right. Could I be more happy? No, I could not.

Take It And Like It by Sara
Mmm. Sex magic. It's my happy place. Why isn't there more sex and blood magic, darn it? Those are kinks from back in the day I was still a wee Jenn writing Phantom of the Opera sequels demonizing Raoul and bringing the Phantom back from the dead for smutty interludes with Christine.

Third Time's the Charm by Helen
There is too much to love about this story to really go into it all. It's Lupin/Severus, which, if I was ever to get into HP fandom, would be my pairing of choice, it's snarly and defensive and a little snarkily bitter, as only very good and familiar old enemies turned allies can be, and it's a freaking *amazing* Snape that is canonesque *and* extremely likable, and hell, that's like finding an intact snowball in hell, you know? Much love. Backdrop of Draco/Rob only makes it all that much more fun.

Trade by Aja
The summary is probably better than any explanation I could give, really. I love it. I love the dark edginess, Harry's desperation and hurt, and he and Draco together. It's like magic, except it's not.

Cookies for everyone!
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