Seperis (seperis) wrote,

i'm sitting here, doing nothing

I love House.

That is all.

Well. No, that's not all.

I am not a Chase girl here. My world is House and therefore, I feel perfectly justified in stamping all over his ungodly hot little ass. But I'm just wondering--WHY? In the name of God, why did he turn Mr Turncoat Asshole? Mostly, I want a timeline of it. Like, was it before or after the x-ray of that chick that went wrong? If it was after--okay, I can see motivation on it, even if I still spit on his pretty hair. But before?

GRRR. You make House unhappy. Must step on you.

Also? Now shipping House/Cameron. I can't *help* it. I like her. I think she's finding her inner Snark and that makes me happy. This could change at any moment. I am a desperate girl on the run from her OTP fandom. I may start shipping bathtowels next. Or House/Wilson. Threesome? Hmm.

I'm wondering if Voegler's lost his mind a little, though, in powertripping. It's just--hmm. I mean, jumping about and heavy-handedly showing off the I am Alphamale and So Fucking Cool and Watch I Can Do Anything I Want and No One Can Stop Me gets really old, really fast. But fascinating. I am fascinated to see how House will get around him.

To everyone who recced to me--y'all rock. I am goign through them methodically, which means, devouring at will. I love HP fandom. So many variations. Curious--is there any Harry the Death Eater fics?
Tags: meta: other fandoms
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