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exploring the outer reaches of something or other
children of dune - leto 1
See, I knew there was a really good reason I never read the sequels to The Tale of the Shining Prince. I knew it would hurt and require multiple readings. You know, just to dig it in a little deeper. So. Yeah. I so needed that.

I have an--itch.

Like, okay. You want something to read. You don't know what it is. You are at the point where you are thinking dirty Clark thoughts that don't involve sex and prettiness and you think, maybe you should take a step back from that there story--or that one--or that one--or oh God, you realize, you have four FOUR WiPs all in the same fandom and you panic.

Um, let's get beyond that bit, though. There's this itch. Last time that happened, you broke your heart with Julad's Nightblooming Heartsease, and yeah, that was good for the realization you *don't* have a pairing of choice in HP, you have what amounts to being an orgy of choice, in which you will *cry your eyes out* over it and promise yourself that next time you feel the need to read HP, you will choose the happy stories.

So how did this translate to Illuferret? I know better. I was warned. Like, multiple times. And yet, there I went and there I read and read and then read some more and now I just want to curl up in a tiny, tiny ball of whimpering messiness.

Well. Yeah.

But anyway. I'm all--itchy. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for in a story, I just can't quite find it. Maybe I am jaded. Maybe I really am after Harry the Dark Lord crushing the world beneath his heel or something and don't even know it. Mmm. Destruction. Maybe I want curtain fic. Or cookies. Hell, I have cookies, so you'd think I'd be satisfied.

Well. Off to burn through another archive now that Illuferret has *scarred me for life*.

You know, if any of you have some favorite HP recs just, you know, sitting around at the tip of your fingers that you want to rec to me, just feel *free*. Or a good rec page. Cause seriously, I run across another deathfic, something might break, and it might be my sanity.

Whimpering. *Mess*. So not pretty.

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If you want pretty, messy canon and gritty, messy fic, try Farscape.

How about A Thousand Beautiful Things? Draco/Harry, very nice, not fluffy but won't break your heart. Or Gold-Tinted Spectacles, a strange and very long Draco/Harry with New and Improved Magical Creatures! Well, not exactly -- but beren_writes is sort of the Grand Mistress of the Draco or Harry turns out to be some kind of magical creature stories, and yet somehow I like them.

Don't really know what you read in HP, so I'll throw in some classics: Lust Over Pendle, the Draco/Neville epic comedy of manners; Tissue of Silver, Harry/Draco post-war; and Invisible To See, er, Harry/Draco. Well, see, I read H/D or Harry/Snape, and I didn't think that was your bag, so...

Man, I suddenly remembered that of course you're familiar with those. I very nearly recommended Transfigurations, which, well, duh! Well, that's me -- totally unhelpful. But maybe you just need to go reread an old favorite. Best of luck to you!

did you like the sequels as much as the first? i somehow keep on going back to the first but not the sequels...

as for recs, i can only offer the standards, but ones that i'll happily reread include:

Telanu, Tea Series http://www.amplexus.org/~telanu/shop.html
Kai, Contemporary Magical Innovations, by H. Granger http://www.squidge.org/~kali/cmi.html
Julad and Calico, Lustre http://yearningvoid.net/julad/lustre.html
DragonLight, To Dream These Dreams http://dragonlight.slashcity.org/darkcaverns/fic/otherfic/dream.htm
Juxian Tang Lukewarm http://www.geocities.com/juxian1972/slash.html
Kel, No One Said It Would Ever Be This Hard http://obsessivetendencies.net/songs/remus.html
Torch, A Spirit of Brotherhood http://strangeplaces.net/torch/brotherhood.html (gen)
Kalinlea Buried Life http://www.geocities.com/kalinalea/buriedsummary.htm (het)

and, if you like this type of writing,
AJHall Lust over Pendle http://homepage.ntlworld.com/russell.baldwin/ebooks/lop/

Summer Thing by Hal: Hermione/Fred/George, sexy and languid.

The Language that God Speaks by Liz Barr: Hermione and libraries.

Space Oddity by Dale: horror and war.

Dissipate by Pogrebin: Padma/Parvarti

Of Cephalapods and Semen: Please note I have not read this, but thought you might enjoy Snape/Draco/Squid/Aquatic fetish.

The Gift by Schuyler: sweet mid-length story about Gilderoy and a frog.

Perfect and Poisonous by Inell: Hermione/Fred/George SMUT.

Roundabout by Arakne: Draco/Hermione, well told.

Inferno by Ociwen: Screamingly intense Hermione/Lucius that blurs all the lines between non-con, Stockholm syndrome, love and life.

The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortion by Mira: Ron/Harry/Draco. Very funny, very sexy.

The Last Mudblood by Furiousity: Creepy Neville story.

Good recs pages:

The Zone, possibly the best HP only recs page I've ever found -- kaiz has pretty spot on taste, recs gen, het and slash and marks length, pairing and WiP status.

CJ's Recs -- I find myself liking less of the stories recced here, but the recs archive HP only, searchable, articulate and my favourite markers are included -- length. WiP status and pairing.

Oggam Recs is multi-fandom, but again searchable, so it's easy to find what you're looking for. Dale has impeccable taste.

Apologies for all the mult-comments: my brain is DED.

Hm- yes, I'll go for the shameless plug! I've got a list of HP recs here- I tend to like Snape-centric, long and plotty stories. Probably more Harry/Snape than anything- but there's a real mix of gen/het/slash.

Also check the review section- the good stuff there eventually makes it over to the Rec page, once it's been 'despoiled'! But right at the top I note whether I'd rec a story, so it's useful without reading the whole spoilery bit. Of course, a lot of the fics I don't rec are good- I just have pretty specific tastes when it comes to recs.

auctasinistra is always a good read, sometimes angsty but always entertaining and with eventual satisfying/happy endings to soothe the trauma of The Big Achy Fic Ache" and most of her stuff is archived at Inkstained Fingers. Um, if you're okay with Harry/Snape that is, as that's her pairing of choice.

And I second everything rec'ed above by helvirago and cathexys. I haven't read everything mentioned in the other comments (yet) (bookmarks this post for future reading purposes).

I have a multi-fandom recs page, and the HP stuff starts here with gen recs, followed by het and slash. I'm not big on warnings, but I *do* warn for death...and the happy ending to dark fic ratio is, like, 99:1 (*g*). All pairings welcome, but *very* Snape-centric.

Note: the earlier recs have *no* notes apart from pairings, because I set up the page originally as a bookmark site for myself, and when I decided to let it go live, it already had 300 links on it, so the idea of writing all those summaries was a little daunting. *g*

There are epic stories and then there are epic rec lists. This is the latter, which is precisely what you need right now.

lazlet has all her recs broken down by pairing (and she's very much a proponent of the anything goes school of pairings, so there's something there for everyone) and she's written a little paragraph on each of the 100-odd recs, explaining precisely why she thinks that story is worth reading.

Almost everything HP I've read since September has come off of that list and I'm still not all the way through.

I'm afraid I can't provide links with text, because I'm goofing off at work and there are technically limits I feel I should maybe possibly kind of respect, but if you google title and author together you shouldn't have any trouble.

"After the End," by Arabella and Zsenya, which you can find at the SugarQuill (sugarquill.com? .net? Whatever). It's a little more... canon than I usually go for (i.e., Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, no slash in sight omfg), but it's a beautifully well-rounded fic. With lots of HP fic, actually, I've found myself wishing JK Rowling wrote half as well. This was finished just before OoTP came out, I think. So pretend you've only read through GoF and you'll find yourself wishing the seventh book would come close to this.

"Transfigurations," by Res. Actually I'll be surprised if you haven't read this yet. Er... actually I have this URL memorized. ::cough:: http://www.trickster.org/res . I think. Perhaps it's /inmediares, but I don't think so. Anyway, it's Harry/Draco -- an unusual take on the final battle scenario in which Harry is not, in fact, the superhero. ... It's the rebuilding of Hogwarts. The magical theory is fun, no I'm not kidding, and the H/D is hot.

You have, of course, read everything (everything!) by Maya and by Cassandra Claire, right? I don't even need to mention them, do I? Good.

Okay, I'll jump on the ship and join the shameless plugging -- I've got recs pages here and at dreamsuitcase, for multiple fandoms. Hope that'll help?

I totally get where you're coming from, by the way. Sometimes I get really upset I've read so much good stuff, because what the hell am I going to read next?

Book recs, if you're interested: "Sunshine," by Robin McKinley, "The Saskiad," by Brian Hall, "Leave it to Psmith" and "Code of the Woosters" by P.G. Wodehouse (just reread 'em, died laughing), "The Changeover," by Margaret Mahy, and, for kicks, "Me Talk Pretty One Day" and "Holidays on Ice" by David Sedaris.

Good luck! I'm bookmarking this page, by the way -- the cats ahead of me recced a TON of good-looking stuff.

xoverau said in her journal that you were looking for Harry-the-DeathEater fic - Reptile by Empress of the Eclipse. You have to read quite a lot to get to the Death Eater bit but I like it. WIP though, but part 4 is doing well!

I dropped out of reading HP because the amount of fic outstripped my interest. The sole remaining exception is Maya (sarahtales)'s ongoing Underwater Light, though actually come to think of it I'll also read anything ajhalluk adds to her Lust Over Pendle-verse (and I third the recommendation for that one).

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