Seperis (seperis) wrote,

*blinks at sunlight*

So, I'm free of my little CLex cave of plotty weirdness. I noticed that, in fact, there IS a sun out there. And a world. Huh. Who knew?


Slashing the Slashers Homepage. Some beautiful stories by a variety of writers and ABOUT a variety of writers. The one featuring me and bonibaru, is called Red and Tan by Valancy. I haven't made my way through all the stories yet--I've read exactly five, but valisme, pearl_o, bonibaru, slodwick, lexcorp_hope, zvi_likes_tv, plumsnickety, celli, isilya, and molly36 are among the SV fans who participated and have stories up as of right now. *grins* Read all and enjoy. *nudges buggery* And you, dearest?

This was, quite frankly, the weirdest thing I've ever written, but bossymarmalade and hetrez liked the one I wrote for them, so at least I didn't make a complete mess of it.

I'm staring at my friends list vaguely, thinking, huh. I should catch up. *blinks* Maybe not....


WiP by thehoyden, which is SO damn cute I giggled hysterically ALL through it. Picked up the rec from rhiannonhero (thank you chica). The snowmen cookies are INSPIRED. And also? Funny.

Nasty by Roses. In which something disgusting is made--hot. God, how the HELL did you DO that? *g* Read it. Be--very impressed. Hot story.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by zahra. Written for happyminion's birthday, and a lovely fic-gift it is. Clark has something to get DONE. And Tiffany's isnt' open. And tha's just the beginning. *sigh* So. Much. Fun.

Say a Little Prayer by slodwick and Scrunchy. Um. Well. *blinks* It's like. *thinks* I dno't want to spoil this. Frankly, I'm not sure HOW to. But read it. Dear GOD. I knew I shouldn't laugh, but I HAD to. It's--*giggles*. So weird. Read now.

Veto the Day by thehoyden Oh man, I had fun with this one. Cute and funny and with soup! SOUP! I could seriously fall for this author BIG time.

And I still have a scary number of fics in my to-read folder. *looks at it* This makes me happy.

Two pages of Human!Clark (I really don't think of it by its title either. Very odd) is beta'ed. Two pages. Oh yes, look at ME move at the speed of light. Slow light. Slow, slow drunk light.


musesfool has issued a new challenge, the We Invented the Remix...Redux Multifandom Fanfic Challenge. It's--very cool. Go sign up! I'm seriously looking forward to this one.

Okay, off to do some serious catching up. Or at least pretend to. And make cookies, because I'm hungry and there aren't any Girl Scouts around to buy from. I need Thin Mints, dammit.
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