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dvd player help
children of dune - leto 1
Question, since fox1013 and I both went distressingly blank when trying to figure out video format for a DVD player.

What do these things mean?


And what is the differnece between DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM?

You know, I've had this DVD player for almost a year, and I still haven't tested all the fun things it can do besides the multidisc.

So all you smart people who *know* this stuff. Help? Please?

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Not sure about the DL suffix, but -R and +R are simply two different formats of the same thing, as are -RW and +RW. The first two are writable, the second two re-writable. Basically means that once you put info on a -R or +R CD or DVD it's there permanently. A -RW or +RW can be written on over and over.

The problem is that some writers will only write on on either - or + format-styles, and some will only *read* either - or + format styles. So check the stats for any players you have before buying writable media.

DL is double layer, so you can put 9 gigs on your discs.

Replying to edana to say that what she's got here is right, and marici got you double-layer, so I'll answer the ROM/RAM question. DVD-ROM uses disks like you're used to. DVD-RAM uses an optical cartrige. Most DVD-RAM drives will read DVD disks, but DVD-ROM drives won't read optical cartridges.

As for recommendations - I highly recommend the "-" format (DVD-R) over the "+" format (DVD+R). It's much more widely recognized and playable.

I don't have much to add to this, except that I keep forgetting about my DVD burner format being one or the other and buying the wrong kind of DVD R or RW disks accidentally. So yeah, the +/- thing is important.

OT:I feel bad because...

I actually have no idea what the answer to your question is, but you didn't have an email addy listed on your profile, so I thought this would be a way I could contact you. In the big defriending you did, I unfortunately got defriended. I am begging you to re-friend me because I am addicted to your fics (Pretty When You're Mine in particular) and if I remember correctly, you friends-lock your fics. Please? I'll beg. And grovel. And give you constant positive feedback.

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