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quick question to f-list
children of dune - leto 1
Hey, is anyone recapping/reviewing House? Send me to people.

So far, I've got shrift, serrico, and sisabet for commentary and plot points, and thete1 had some great thoughts on many of the eps. I just feel this insane need to run about and read, like, a billion reactions/thoughts.

Was about to say "will whore for House" when I realized, wow, I'm actually being literal there. God, this show makes me happy.

I do a 'reaction as I watch' thing - I don't analyse so much as a squee ;D Of course I won't be able to see the latest ep until tonight...sigh.

Ooh! And i read those too. i jsut didn't see them yet. Which is logical, as you have not seen it yet.

Could you give me a time you'll be posting? *checks watch eagerly*

This is ridiculous. I am *so excited* about this show. *happy twirling*

Thanks for the rec! I clicked over to read. *hugs you*

I know thebratqueen, tzikeh and cesperanza have been discussing House pretty regularly in their journals. See this particularly interesting post on Sexism with regard the the show.

That was an interesting post. My ability to spot sexism is--well. *frowns*. I'm not good at it. so that post was a really intersting read. Thank you.

no_detective has been doing ep reactions and a LOT of meta, though not yet for tonight (she's usually delayed a little).

I also saw pun doing commentary. Most excelent episode tonight.

oh, thanks for the rec!

(Deleted comment)
In the OMGSQUEE-vein, myself, stone_princess, the previously mentioned pun. Damn, I know there are others...

*laughS* thanks!

Squeeing is fun!

I'll show you my house if you show me yours...

In addition to shrift and thete1 I've got pun, linzeestyle and the ever so lovely suzvoy does a hilarious running commentary/dialog quote thing that I often read *before* I watch an ep. Her commentaries don't give away *anything* but make the show that much more amusing when you see what she's quoted in context.

I feel so nostalgic. There are so many (thete1, shrift) Mulder/Krycek authors into House. That alone just has me all SQUEE!

Re: I'll show you my house if you show me yours...

Ooh, you were X-Files? *grin* must be nice to see familiar faces. I'mkind of excited that so many of my flist have fallen into it, too.

I'm out beating the drum for this show too *G*. I'm partial to House/Wilson, myself, but am still at the "will read anything to get a fix" stage of a new fandom.

*giggle* Oh yeah, I remember reading--well, I will never admit what I used to read in SV to get a fix but *coughClarkLanacoughhorrorcought* but isn't it just *cool* that so many are into it? it's like a fangirlathon.

(Deleted comment)

Wanting to join you all in House-worship, but...

Someone's probably said all this already somewhere, but I tend to see House-love all over my flist, so I'm going to chime in as a dissenting voice.

I'm going to be in the minority here, but I'd slash House more as an act of retaliation than love. He's such an unbelievable misogynist. I think his fear/discomfort/hatred of women comes across pretty clearly. Can one read his reaction to those of us with vaginas as gay? Maybe. But it's not necessary for gay men to hate us in order to express their homosexuality. I'm on a homophobe kick, so maybe I can read it as homophobia. He resists his sexuality, so he tries to pass for straight; therefore, he's a jerk to most guys. But he resists women, so he behaves worse toward them, making the work place tough at his least offensive, and sexually harrassing them at his most offensive.

Beyond that, I see no one holding him accountable for his actions. I read this as a throwback to the kind of patriarchy we used to get in the workplace all the time, with men behaving in the worst possible ways, and women indulging them with a "boys will be boys" attitude. I see the resistance put up by the female characters in the show as token. This guy always wins, always gets his way, and the women keep trying, but they look so defeated, so *out of place* in their high-power jobs, as if they don't belong. As if it takes a *real man* to hold a position of authority in a high stress environment. The executive/patient last night sent that message with her bulimia and her cutting. And I mean, what's with undermining a woman's attempt to address her gender-based tendancy to defer to male authority by reading a self-help book? "Read less. Watch more t.v." !!! What a "Yellow Wallpaper" line. Don't think, dear. You'll hurt yourself. Women get trained from birth to accomodate others. We have to unlearn that behavior. Books help.

It's a dodgy show for me. I don't like the messages it sends me about myself. At least on SV we get extremely competant Chloe, and we get male characters who take her seriously/respect her judgment.

I've wanted to jump on another show's bandwagon because I see us losing SV soon, but I don't think I can go with this one.

I want to jump fandoms with all my favorite writers. I wish I could love this show. I just don't think I can get past the misogyny.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hee! It draws you in. The snark is just--wow.

Oh - basingstoke and astolat have both written some really nice stories. wickedwords is working on a story (yay)!

vagabondage is talking about eps as they air, cereta is also watching (we all got pimped in one glorious weekend!)

corilannam has fallen and can't get up! tzikeh has pimped high and pimped low. thebratqueen has a terminal case and I'll stop now, I swear.

Man, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg, too as there were many conversions at Escapade. I'll keep better track of it, but dude, my Flist has exploded with House.

And there is also housefic.

Mmm. Recs. You are a goddess. Bookmarking this to stalk those mentioned.

(Deleted comment)
Whee! Thank you! *hugs*

I'm fascinated by the characters and situations, and the medical errors (MAJOR ones) make my hair stand on end. It's certainly not going to keep me from watching, of course. I'll stick by it 'til it goes the way of all shows I love...but I DO wish they'd check some of their medical details.

Botox(tm) doesn't 'tighten' anything. It paralyzes the tiny muscles in the face that cause wrinkles to appear when they contract.

Bulemia is rarely a choice, but more of a compulsion -- not something that can be turned around by a teary, 'I want to live.'

And transplantation is most definitely not a happily-ever-after solution. The recipient will never be 'normal', living on a constantly juggling diet of pills to suppress rejection and pills to control as much as possible the effects of immunosupression and more pills for lots of other things, with the threat of rejection always looming. It drives me mad when tv presents a heart transplant as a one-time, make-it-all-better occurrence. A transplant is a life style, not an operation.

That said, I also found it irritating that Cameron was so blatant in her manipulation. She'd be better at it than that.

[ /rant ]


I love this show.