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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mmm. house pretty
children of dune - leto 1
Oh Cuddy. You fool you.

What I can't figure out is why Cuddy, who has so far never looked stupid, didn't totally see this coming. Though I don't get the Insta!Hate going on there with Mr Moneypants (I have no idea what his name is). Unless House let his wife or pet die or something in some hugely tragic way which, if it comes out, I'm going to doubly slap Cuddy around for poor research and again, NOT SEEING THIS COMING. Plus, the total interrogation going on in transplant once Mr Moneypants came in just looked bad. Look! He knows something new about you! He knows if he intimates things to you that threaten your sense of professionalism or leans on you, you will crack like a walnut for him, and lets face it, it doesn't take much to crack you. That is not a good position to be in. That's just common sense. You were normal until you saw him, then went SuperInterrogator. Seriously, that is so not a good way to play close to the vest.

Kinda want to slap Cameron. But in a gentle way. I get where she's coming from. I feel bad for her. It's a total Lana Lang thing. Everyone likes you. But you really haven't done much to earn it. You are pretty and bright with a good smile. But you are not on Smallville. You are on House. And so far, you haven't done all that much to be interesting besides, well, be there.

Which argues, actually, that she should have an ep coming up soon. They've established Foreman as the resident genius, so that slot's filled, and she kinda got slotted into Pretty Bright Girl Doctor With Crush. Which, honestly, there's got to be more to her. Now I'm interested in what they're going to do with her.

Question: Okay, Chase found the ipecac. Did he put it back and a nurse found it later while, for some reason, going through her purse? Do nurses do that? Or did Chase leave it out to be found, or the purse open showing it? Curious. I'm wondering if it was accient or retaliatory. I like Chase and he doesn't seem the retaliatory type. But then again, I didn't know nurses went through your purse, either.

House raised his voice twice. That's a new record. I didn't even know he could yell.

I have no deep thoughts except, mmm. House pretty and smart. Likes. Also. Spring Break FUN. I forgot that, haven't having taken one in many moons.

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Nurses don't go through purses. There was much to make me grumbly here.

::goes off by self and sits in corner::

*pets you*

Think happy House thoughts. Think of him snarking randomly! It cheers me up now at work. I look at my boss and think, how would House handle this? I imagine it out, then do the exact opposite. And lo, everyoneis happy!

WWHD? It's totally teh new catchphrase for the year.

(Deleted comment)
*giggles* Point. Though CSI pretty much immunized me to the Inner Body Montages of Blood and Cells. *shudders* The things Iv'e eaten while watching autopies now.

I just realized that sentence is one I never htought I would ever be able to use.

(Deleted comment)
oh man, I rmember that episode. I just got teh shivers from *remembering* Home. That was--wow. So many kinds of wrong it's epic. I mean, EPIC.

Yes. I cannot eat during that. OR the skinning one. Those two. No.

I think that Cameron was asking House if he LIKED her liked her. They DID have a date, remember...

Ooh. *grins* THat makes it interesting. Though very schoolgirly.

OTOH, if I were his resident? God knows what horror I would perpetuate to get his notice. I so feel her pain.

I always liked him in Jeeves and Wooster, but holy FUCK when did Hugh Laurie get so god damned hot?


*comes down*

It's that scruffy snark thing. It's addictive. It's *mesmerizing*. It's--yeah. Whoo doggies.

I'm not even talking about the snark, which is outrageously sexy, I'm just saying his damn face. It's filled out just enough that it's bordering on gorgeous, but with enough roughness to his edges still. RSL, now that man is gorgeous. House has this different sexyness. Meaner. And don't get me started on those eyes. Gah. Between him and Jamie Bamber I've got my blue eyed boy fetish filled for the next few months, thank you very much.

(Deleted comment)
Grr. Cuddy. That just--i mean, he wnats control of hte board? I mean, seriously, no one gives that much money, asks for a chairmanship, adn then does nothing. God. I just wnat to take her to a quiet room and *talk some sense* into her.

I thought 100 million dollars was absurdly low to be handing over the position of head of the board. The place is much too well decorated to be in straits that dire.

Still, Mr. Moneypants did give enough money that everyone on the staff -- doctors included -- should be licking his boots. House isn't, and that's why Moneypants doesn't like him. I'm guessing House will save his life and they'll reach an understanding.

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