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children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so I have never worried about hotlinking until forty-something percent of my bandwidth did this thing. Please God, let girlinthetrilby not kill me when she sees this.

What you have to ask yourself--what on earth does a poster on The Traveling Howard Stern Message Board want with two Clex manips I did two years ago?

The answer will hopefully remain a mystery to me for all time. I mean, besides the prettiness that apparetly *could not be just plain linked to*.

So. How do I do that thing that blocks hotlinking? Cause wow. That was a *lot* of bandwidth.

Edited to Add

Okay, Illuminated Text has it, but it looks like an everyone-or-no-one deal. If you're hosted on IT, could you drop a yes or no? I'll find a way to do it without disabling the whole domain for general hotlinking if necessary. Just comment so I can get a survey.

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(Deleted comment)
Ooh! That's fabulous! *hugs* Thank you!

Scary as it might be, Howard Stern is a pretty vocal SV fan, so... let's just hope your work doesn't show up on the show at some point?



Oh no no no.

I mean, it's not even *good* artwork. It was in my Adobe Passion phase!

What I can't figure out is the context. Of course, that message board *has* no context. But still. Of *all the people* that have great art in SV, someone is linking to these things? That's just crazy.


You know... that reminds me that it's been a very long time since I made artwork for you. Too long, maybe.

If nothing else, you could replace the image in question for a while with a graphic that says "I AM A FILTHY BANDWIDTH PIRATE" or something along those lines.

Back when I actually paid attention to my bandwidth and cared about these things (I think this was when I was unemployed for seven months and had the time for it, frankly), I collected a whole set of obscene images just to replace my hotlinked images with just to give people shit. Nowadays I haven't checked my bandwidth in ages.

I have my mood theme hotlinked, I think. I have other images hosted at IT that are used in mine and Nif's fics (covers) and I suppose those are what would be called "hotlinked" and I have my LJ mood theme hosted there. Wouldn't disabling hotlinking affect those? (it could be that I have no idea what hotlinking actually means or entails, either, heh).

It can make it open to specific stuff--like LJ and yoru website and other places that are specified as okay wiht hotlinking. I'll read on this more before I try anything, or at least limit it to to my subdomain.

Even the cheapest hosts i've ever used allowed you to httaccess hotlinking.. most anyway.. that's bs. I'd definitely replace it w/ "I'm a bandwith stealing, hotlinking asshole" graphics.


Yeah, my host allows it, but it'sall or nothing for the domain residents, soo.

Must think.

Then totally just swap out the pics for a few days.
Fact is, most pages that have it up for fanish reasons probably already know why you're doing it, or won't be updating that damn quickly to notice a 2 year old manip. Swap it out, take away the troll bait on those stern boards, and wait for it to drop down, or let the fuckers mirror it themselves.

(grumbles to myself) what is it about porn that makes assholes think your work is public property?

I've got some pics housed there. So that would be a bummer.

I'm working on something outside the whole domain that would apply to my sub only. *hugS* Don't worry.

An .htaccess file can go into any directory and it will affect only the current directory and any nested directories leaving parent directories untouched. Also, the .htaccess in the current directory will override the one in the parent directory if the two should conflict.

Javascript Kit has a good tutorial on commonly done things with htaccess — password protection, custom error pages, preventing directory listing, etc.

One one site I own, I have different sets of error pages for each subdomain by putting an .htaccess into each subdomain.

Yes--totally yes. Knock yourself out.

I have no problem with you blocking hotlinking on my site. Anything that will make it easier for Beth is fine.

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