Seperis (seperis) wrote,


Okay, so I have never worried about hotlinking until forty-something percent of my bandwidth did this thing. Please God, let girlinthetrilby not kill me when she sees this.

What you have to ask yourself--what on earth does a poster on The Traveling Howard Stern Message Board want with two Clex manips I did two years ago?

The answer will hopefully remain a mystery to me for all time. I mean, besides the prettiness that apparetly *could not be just plain linked to*.

So. How do I do that thing that blocks hotlinking? Cause wow. That was a *lot* of bandwidth.

Edited to Add

Okay, Illuminated Text has it, but it looks like an everyone-or-no-one deal. If you're hosted on IT, could you drop a yes or no? I'll find a way to do it without disabling the whole domain for general hotlinking if necessary. Just comment so I can get a survey.
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