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The Spam Reports

It saddens me to state that all my spam is now split into two distinct and highly uninteresting groups--the Wild Teens/Disgusting Sluts/Super Come series and the Stock Options series. The halycon days of yore, when my inbox was filled with such delights as Cherry Frat Boys Take It Up the Ass are apparently, done and gone. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are no longer offered on bootleg tape. No promises of drugs in at least three days, no exciting prospects of black market Valium or Vicadin. Only stock options and wild teens.

This is so depressing I could just cry.

My TV listings

I keep thinking I don't watch much TV. That is a dirty lie. I *record* a lot of TV and watch it in bulk, ffing through commercials, but that doens't acutally lower the amount I watch.

1.) House
2.) Smallville
3.) Fullmetal Alchemist
4.) Battlestar Galactica
5.) Teen Titans
8.) CSI
9.) Random Law and Orders

Okay, and thanks to fox1013 and svmadelyn, I am dreaming of Veronica Mars. I have never seen an ep. I haven't read a recap. But the entire cast showed up for a vague musical number the other night, and the entire dream, I was thinking, I love this show! Why haven't I watched it before?

Huose, though, is fascinating me, in the way that CSI can't quite. I enjoy CSI for Grissom and for basically the mystery, but it's a kind of bland, take it or leave it. I take because it's there, and it is intersting, but no emotional involvement.

House, though. Hmm.

I honestly think that House makes me love him not because there's a marshmellowy center somewhere there, but because he's such an ass. I mean, leave the woobie effect aside. I'm turned on by brilliance, and the man is brilliant, and frankly, there really isn't much hotter than someone *that* fucking smart and that arrogant being utterly fine with being wrong half the time. He makes it seem like it was the plan all along. Even when he screws up. And really makes you not able to every say "haha you were wrong!". Well, you can, but you feel stupid doing it.

My favorite part is, he's utterly aware of it. Foreman sometimes feels like he has no idea he's being an arrogant jerk, whereas House got over pretensions of being nice a hell of a long time ago. And watching them together is just--the happy place.

Question at this late date: Wilson? He's teh guy that was the husband of Newhart's daughter in Newhart, right? The hotel in Vermont (?)? Larry, Darryl, and my other brother Darryl? Ring any bells?

Yeah, just curious.

One week of work, then me and Child are Spring Breaking for nine glorious days. Much unhealthy food, lounging in pajamas, unlimited television, and Gamecube/Playstation 2 overload. It is going to be *so cool*.
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