Seperis (seperis) wrote,

updates and recs

Mm. So, finally updated my webpage.

Thirty-something recs for Smallville slash here, along with het and gen that I did earlier this month or late last month, but unlabeled, as I forgot. *sighs* I need to remember to label the new. But they are there! Some I posted back in late Jan/early Feb, some I got since then.

Added linzeestyle's absolutely stunning collage for Pretty When You're Mine, which she posted here. God, that's pretty. I could look at it all *day*.

Updated Pretty When You're Mine up to current. It's split now, so this goes to the second page. Whole thing can be started here. Current wordcount is around 52,894. *blank* Yeah. See. I didn't know I could write that much porn. That is a gratifying amount there.

Also added My Usual Lie, Smallville, Clark and Lex. I can now say I have written three stories that don't end with anything *near* the Jenn-defintion of happy. Hmm.

Um, that's it. Update webpage, fun! svmadelyn madly pimping me toward SV fic that will be cheering? Fun. Cookies and coffee? Also fun.
Tags: webpage updates
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