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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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poor misunderstood lefty
children of dune - leto 1
My night was boring. Then fox1013 wanted examples of my bad music taste. I submit Summer Rain by Belinda Carlyle. Beat *that*.

Tehn I remmbered Pancho and Lefty.

And said, oh. This is *slash*.

So I explained it to svmadelyn.

Pancho and Lefty

Jenn: let me start the song over.
Jenn: You need to download it.
Jenn: Okay.
Jenn: There's this guy, Lefty.
Madelyn: Oh, that's not necessary.
Jenn: And he drinks too much.
Madelyn: You've got your trauma quotient filled tonight!
Jenn: *glee* oh no. There is no end to the trauma.
Madelyn: quota, even.
Jenn: See. He was his momma's favorite.
Jenn: And he wandered off with that bad seed Lefty.
Jenn: I mean, Pancho.
Jenn: Left was the good seed.
Jenn: But became bad with Pancho.
Jenn: Pancho was this guy who was armed and rode horses.
Madelyn: ...oooh. He's--just evil, man.
Jenn: So they go to the desrt together.
Jenn: And then Pancho died in the desert in Mexico. And no one heard his dying words.
Jenn: *nod*
Jenn: And the Federales are all ike, we could have had Lefty!
Jenn: But we felt sorry for him!
Jenn: And later, you find out why.
Jenn: Lefty can't sing anymore all night! It's very sad.
Jenn: He thinks of Pancho.
Jenn: And how when Pancho died, he ran for Ohio.
Jenn: With money!
Jenn: And where did it come from? No one knows.
Jenn: *forbidding music moment*
Jenn: And the end of the song, we're asked to pray for poor Pancho. But Lefty too. Cause he didn't have a choice!
Jenn: Okay, but if you read between teh lines.
Jenn: It was like, Pancho and Lefty were having a romantic vacation in the desert.
Jenn: In between their evil and stuff.
Madelyn: ....I've heard this song.
Madelyn: I sang it in cars.
Madelyn: I just didn't know the actual lyrics until now.
Jenn: And then Lefty found out that Pancho was sleeping around.
Madelyn: I feel like I don't even know you. *whispers*
Jenn: and killed him!
Jenn: And then!
Jenn: He goes to Ohio--I mean, who the hell goes to Cleveland voluntarily?
Jenn: And is depressed and drinks every night.
Jenn: Thinking of his horrible mistake.
Jenn: And the Federales leave him alone. because he's so sad.
Jenn: *hee*
Jenn: Are you stll there?
Jenn: or did you block me for life?

**ETA** We think now it was the fact that Pancho forgot lube in the desert that caused it all. Which makes it perfectly understandable, I think.

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I can't decide if I'm ashamed or proud of having catalyzed this.

Ashoud? Pramed?

I own the Belinda Carlisle album that song is on. And I'd own another one of hers, too, if it had been there the day I was looking. ...I'm not sure what that means.

Dude, even before I knew that slash existed, Panch and Lefty was slash. *nods*

Pancho. *facepalm*

"A few gay grey federales say, they could have had him any day..."

I'm proud to know our very own Texan Willie Nelson wrote slash before slash was cool. He's always been such a trailblazer. *nods* Thank you for bringing this important musical moment to our attention, Jenn.

*hugs Jenn and sends Willie a rainbow pin for his guitar strap*

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