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poor misunderstood lefty

My night was boring. Then fox1013 wanted examples of my bad music taste. I submit Summer Rain by Belinda Carlyle. Beat *that*.

Tehn I remmbered Pancho and Lefty.

And said, oh. This is *slash*.

So I explained it to svmadelyn.

Pancho and Lefty

Jenn: let me start the song over.
Jenn: You need to download it.
Jenn: Okay.
Jenn: There's this guy, Lefty.
Madelyn: Oh, that's not necessary.
Jenn: And he drinks too much.
Madelyn: You've got your trauma quotient filled tonight!
Jenn: *glee* oh no. There is no end to the trauma.
Madelyn: quota, even.
Jenn: See. He was his momma's favorite.
Jenn: And he wandered off with that bad seed Lefty.
Jenn: I mean, Pancho.
Jenn: Left was the good seed.
Jenn: But became bad with Pancho.
Jenn: Pancho was this guy who was armed and rode horses.
Madelyn: ...oooh. He's--just evil, man.
Jenn: So they go to the desrt together.
Jenn: And then Pancho died in the desert in Mexico. And no one heard his dying words.
Jenn: *nod*
Jenn: And the Federales are all ike, we could have had Lefty!
Jenn: But we felt sorry for him!
Jenn: And later, you find out why.
Jenn: Lefty can't sing anymore all night! It's very sad.
Jenn: He thinks of Pancho.
Jenn: And how when Pancho died, he ran for Ohio.
Jenn: With money!
Jenn: And where did it come from? No one knows.
Jenn: *forbidding music moment*
Jenn: And the end of the song, we're asked to pray for poor Pancho. But Lefty too. Cause he didn't have a choice!
Jenn: Okay, but if you read between teh lines.
Jenn: It was like, Pancho and Lefty were having a romantic vacation in the desert.
Jenn: In between their evil and stuff.
Madelyn: ....I've heard this song.
Madelyn: I sang it in cars.
Madelyn: I just didn't know the actual lyrics until now.
Jenn: And then Lefty found out that Pancho was sleeping around.
Madelyn: I feel like I don't even know you. *whispers*
Jenn: and killed him!
Jenn: And then!
Jenn: He goes to Ohio--I mean, who the hell goes to Cleveland voluntarily?
Jenn: And is depressed and drinks every night.
Jenn: Thinking of his horrible mistake.
Jenn: And the Federales leave him alone. because he's so sad.
Jenn: *hee*
Jenn: Are you stll there?
Jenn: or did you block me for life?

**ETA** We think now it was the fact that Pancho forgot lube in the desert that caused it all. Which makes it perfectly understandable, I think.
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