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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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man, guilty pleasures....
children of dune - leto 1

I can't be the only one watching the slow meltdown of TWOP over on fandom_wank with a level of hyptonitzed car-wreck fascination, can I? I mean, you think it's over, adn then, boom, new entry. And with links!

I'm not even sure I have an opinion except for, wow.

So. Yeah. Wow.

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Holy wankery, Batman. *gapes* I wandered over and took a look, and then ran away.

There are some aspects of TWoP that I enjoy, but speaking in terms of Smallville, I haven't been going as often lately. While I can understand and appreciate that some fen are very unhappy with the direction of the show, I'm not all that happy with the general tone of the boards, so I've been avoiding them.

I haven't been to the forumsfor any length of time since--God, post season one/early season two of Smallville, and I'm not sure I ever posted there. *g* LJ sucked me in, so I never felt the need to go back and see if anything had changed.

But. Yeah.

Hehe! LJ does that. I'm so hooked on it. It's pretty and shiny and makes me a happy fangirl.

My favorite part is being able to ignore everyone who potentially could annoy me. An Annoydar if you will. It pings, and I can steer clear, adn boom! No drama!

Hee! That's so begging to be an icon. And so true and useful as well.

Which forum? Where do I go to gaze upon this?

(Deleted comment)
I always wanted a recap for livejournal and fandom drama. Like, someone goes arond and does a Five Minute Flame War Recap. It would make life so much easier. Cliff Notes for the Fannish.

(Deleted comment)
Ooooh. I could totally see this. One stop history lessons on fandom.

All brightly colored with interviews with all the major participants!

Ok. Wow. Did those posters really get banned for critiquing a recap? Cause if so...Wow.

On the second page they've got quotes from a recapper talking about "recap[ing] to two completely different audiences: first for the readers of TelevisionWithoutPity.com, and then for a site I'll just call...Television. (dot org?) To protect myself, however, I shall write my alternate recap under my fanfic-gushing pseudonym 'Stac(e)y.'"

I'm sorry, but Neil over at Superman Homepage already did that.

BTW, I tried to get onto the TWOP boards tonight. Are they down for anyone else?

*giggles and giggles*

Yes, they're down for something rleated to DNS and adding servers? Somewhere in fandomwank someone mentioned it.

This is one of thefew timesI'd be tempted to go poke around to see what's going on.

And? Man. *Cool* icon.

I think "Yeah. Wow." pretty much sums it up.

So much bitterness there.

I enjoy Omar's recaps of SV and I sometimes post on the forums, but, like some of the other people here, not so much lately. So much bitterness on the forums too. It sometimes interferes with my mindless enjoyment of the show. *g*

Ooh yeah. If I want deep bitterness, I can pretty much turn on any ep of Smalville and watch my blood pressure rise. *g* I got to LJ so *someone* can respin it for me in a way that makes me breathe again.

and watch my blood pressure rise.

Same here. *g*

What really helped me was a post rhiannonhero made one time about how to watch Smallville. There's something in there about accepting the fact "that sharks will be jumped." I plan on quoting a bit of it in my LJ as soon as I get around to it. (She gave me permission to do that).

I found it in her memories after an episode that I hated (it may have been "Facade"), and which she posted that she enjoyed "because of the FUN!" which just cracked me up and made me feel better about SV in general. I'm trying to keep that attitude myself.

Man! I was supposed to shower and go out to buy milk. Now I'm riveted by all this drama. I knew there was a reason I always avoided TWoP--and here it is!

I couldn't help it--I even kept refreshing to see new comments. It was just. Whoa.

Okay, here is what I don't get. If you don't like it, DON'T GO THERE! I mean, they haven't really changed their formula in all the years I've been there. They are bitchy and elitist in the forums and in the recaps. It's what they do. And last time I checked, they own the site so it's sort of their right to be however they want. There are 6 kazillion TV sites out there you can hang out in. If you love Gilmore Girls, go hang out in a GG message board!

What a bunch of whiney bitches. I'd love to see what would happen if a bunch of people emailed them and bitched about how bad they are whatever is they do for a living.

I'd love to see what would happen if a bunch of people emailed them and bitched about how bad they are whatever is they do for a living.

But do you not see the irony in how badly the TWoP staff take any sort of criticism? The whole point of the site is to criticize the work of others, so one would think they'd develop a slightly thicker skin. But they're far too hypocritical for that.

I used to *adore* the site, and met a lot of great people there. But the capricious bannings and general asshatery of the mods made the place bitter and boring. Snark is fun, bitterness gets old, fast. At least for me.

I've never seen The West Wing, but I will forever love Aaron Sorkin for poking fun at TWoP on the show. It was a shout-out on the biggest show on TV at the time, and anyone with a sense of humour would have laughed and thanked him for it, instead of stomping their tiny feet the way Wing, Glark and Sars did.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. :)

Oh, yeah, I totally get that they are overreacting and being sort of whiney about it. But they do the work to keep the site live, so that's their right. If you don't like it, don't read the site.

See, I don't hang out in the forums there, which is probably why I don't get bogged down in the bitterness. And if I don't like the way a recapper writes about a show I like, I don't read them. That's what I don't get. Just stop going there!

Oh yeah, I totally stopped going there a couple of years ago, so I'm with you. Although I think it's fair for people to want to make constructive criticism.

It's just amazing how many people there are like me, who used to love the site and then grew to hate it because of the attitude of the mods. I have to admit, it's great fun to roast marshmallows and watch the wank. *g* Wing, Glark and co. are the epitome of people who can dish it, but can't take it.

I don't even go look...

I just read through your journal and enjoy everyone laughing at the wank. I think that means that you ARE my cliff notes for flame wars!


Anyway, It's Saturday now - my fannish day! Yay!

got to go write....

I tried to keep away from all of the wankery, but I couldn't. I'm weak, I had to read all the hubbub and man, did it wreck me! I can't deal with all of that tsuris :)

I have to admit, I'm not that involved at TWOP anymore because alot of what was posted about TWOP is true. The mods are out of control, the level of fan-angst is building and it's just not fun.

I'm pretty much only there for Omar's SV recap and a few of the lower profile threads.

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