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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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its really late, still awake, bah
children of dune - leto 1
You think you know people.

Then, you find out that fox1013 was banned from TWOP.

Okay. Yes. I did not know, I am the last in the universe to know, including the Tibetan monks. But in all fairness, svmadelyn didn't either. So that was interesting. Enlightening. *Weird*.

Depressing. I've never been banned from anything. I don't even think I've been gently warned. Grrr.

Other News

There isn't any. I have picked up the worst habit with Smallville and it's continued through BSG--I record the ep, read the reviews, *then* watch. I mean, ever since the entire Lex-electrocution thing, I'm just scared. Well, with BSG, I don't often read the reviews first. I don't think they'll do anything traumatizing to Starbuck....

*eyes narrow* Yet. Again, I am in the fandom where the canon manages to be more angsty than the apocalyptic AUs, and wow, who could have seen that coming? I mean, seriously. You don't come out of that without some serious wariness on what the writers are going to do to the characters, y'know?

In even more boring news, I am *stuck*. Beyond stuck. I am mired in honey. My mood is one with the conquest and destruction of Carthage, enslaving the women and children, and salting the ground where it stood. This, it seems, is not the correct mood to go into writing semi-happy smut in. Totally new information here. However, if you are suddenly feeling the need to randomly kill a character in some gruesome way, it may work out. Maybe I'll just kill off Marian to amuse myself.

Also, quick and extremely grateful thanks to everyone who answered my begging for intros thing. I have some amazingly fascinating people wandering around here. Wow. That was some of the coolest reading I've had in LJ. Thank you very, very much.

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EVERYONE knew but you. OMG, dude. I do not understand how you DIDN'T KNOW.

Clearly you don't love me enough.

*newbies sorrowfully*

Seriously! Getting banned from TWoP was, like, Fox's claim to fame. From the heights to the ... opposite of heights. Or something.

Hey, *you* never told me! And we chatted *all the time*!

*feels belatedly injured*

*on bended knee*

I'm sorry! I am! I didn't *know*!

I was just talking with someone about the different ways we watch tv when you have the dvd set and can view an entire season all in one go, how story arcs appear differently. And someone mentioned that horrid surprises don't appear the same way b/c you kind of already know and they don't get sprung on you like they do when noone knows how it's gonna end [incidents mentioned were less a particular plot point as much as duchovny disappearing or two rays...maybe tara's death?].

In a way, viewing within an already given context is a bit similar, isn't it? And personally, i love it. I actually almost gave up SV after the first few eps b/c i couldn't bear lana. And then i started reading y'all's reviews and the fic and suddenly i viewed *differently*. It's like my entire lens had shifted focus and I viewed the show but more than that or a particular reading of it...

Anyway...so much more attempt to think abstractly way after my bedtime...

Wow! That was an interesting link! I had no idea TWoP was such an intriguey place with all this behind-the-scenes banning stuff going on. Huh.

I have picked up the worst habit with Smallville and it's continued through BSG--I record the ep, read the reviews, *then* watch

I did that for a few weeks in a row, and then decided that it was coloring my opinion of the eps too much, so I stopped. The big problem now is that I'm a bit overworked and I have three weeks of tapes of SV and SciFi Fridays and I can hardly read my flist because I'm trying to avoid spoilers from two weeks ago! Gah!

I'm bad because I've read ALL the BSG reviews. For all the episodes. So I've basically spoiled myself for the entire season. But it's all right, because I'm finding that the writing/acting on the show is loads better than any review, as it should be. :)

*blinks happily* Wait. Seperis is getting hooked on BSG?

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY. *Runs around room w/ happy dance*. Dude, welcome to your new crack. So not even exaggerating to call it fandom crack. Glad to have someone of your creativity and fannish productiveness pointed our way.

And have faith in BSG writers. Regardless of how cruel or not they're going to be to the characters, they're never going to be cruel to your intelligence. And after the trauma of Smallville, this may feel a little weird, but you'll get used to it.

Dude, you're going to have a good time. And . . . I don't know know if you've seen through the end of the season but I can not wait to hear your reactions to some of the upcoming eps. I swear to you, the season only gets better from here on in. Hee.

*pets pretty new fandom*

you find out that fox1013 was banned from TWOP. That was interesting link! Thanks. You get banned for starting a post with uh or um? Wow. I'm glad LJ is a free country.

*flails with love for BSG*

Once I'm caught up on episodes, I'll ping you and squeal with the love.

Pretty Glad Your There

Well I've been off, running around Yaoi-land (you writing Weiss Kruez has become a secret wish of mine) since last fall and haven't really checked up on my LJ/f-list lately and what do it see???

You've worked on "Pretty" !!! It is so wonderful I just can't even start to thank you enough. Perfect, perfect Lex, slutty, soft skinned, predatory, obsessive, crazy for Clark, perfect LEX! And sweet and trashy, hard edged and hopeless Clark!?! He is his best incarnation ever. I am in luv, smitten, your doting slave. More Please.

I'll now probably have to pull out all of your work and read everything at your website again, you've made me feel homesick for your fiction.

Reading "Pretty" has been like coming home, you know, like the home we have in the best memories of our kid-hood, where they make all your favorite foods and hug you and are oh so happy to have you walk through the door. Yeah, this piece makes me that kind of happy. Fandom Happy. Thank you.

Oh and if you are feeling nasty as hell I think Marian is the perfect choice for a creative and ugly death (she shouldn't make Clark feel so guilty, after all he's done for the b....). Stella is a bright spot, I can see her being a lot more fun, and Lionel and Edge being a lot more trouble, and poor Chloe(?poor Clark!) can't wait to see Clark freak about Lex in Smallville.

You, Lady, do the best AUs, the best.

Thank you for your effort, work and talent, hugs, Vee

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