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The Toybox

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bed bliss, house bliss, all is bliss
children of dune - leto 1
My bed was delivered yesterday and I slept in and was in a fair way to never leaving it again. except work. Stupid work.

Um. Yeah. basically, I've been offline becaue of bedshopping, bedbuying, and bed delivery, not ot mention the bed wallowing. It actually sounds a lot more disfunctional than it is. It's my *bed*. It's big and pretty and *mine* and I love it so much.

I also got Child a new bed, in a craze of post-IRS-refund shopping. It's actually *really* disturbing, come to think of it. He has a spiderman ensemble going on. Ask me how cute an eight year old in a bunk bed surrounded by Spiderman is. Cause it is cute.

*happy* *bliss* *bed*


The slash actually has its own character and wanders in to giggle at Wilson and House. A lot. I spent the entire scene, and you *know* which one I'm talking about, actually saying, to my nonslashy sister

Jenn: Are they dating? Did I miss something last week? Are they breaking up? Oh God, I missed the get together and now I have to watch the break-up?

Her *shocky*: I--don't know.

Could my week get any better? Yes, it could. But so far, the millions have yet to rain from the sky like manna. Stupid millions. Even a measly thousands. In one dollar bills, even. I'm not picky.

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Perfectly understandable; beds are the best part of life sometimes. When I was in college, I missed my old school waterbed more than I missed my family.

As for House, yes. So very very slashy and to hell with the subtext. They've even got my mother wondering exactly what's going on. Heh.

I'm just watching that scene--hell, the entire EPISODE--staring at them, absolutely speechless. okay, so I still have some issues with House having sex--I just not sure how well sarcasm translates into sex--but hey. I can deal with that.

Just. Whoa. He is such a drama princess. An *offended* drama princess.

*adores House*

Hooray for beds! *makes a note to watch House*

Yes, watch. Seriously. The dialogue, the *snark*, is unmatched. Anywhere.

And thanks! *hugs* Me and my bed are veryhappy together.


That was my second episode of House and I was seriously thinking I was going to have to scold the f-list big time for not mentioning that House is a canon gay character! Especially when he got into that snit about being dumped for the ex-girlfriend. Not a whole lot of sub in that text.

Yay for new bed! It sounds fab.

That was so the outraged drama princess that I kept thinking, okay, any minute now, they're going to turn it into a laugh. And never *did*.

I love House. Above and beyond the oh dear God that is not sub-text slash. Just wow. So *good*.

There is a bed at the matress store that I go to visit occasionally. If by occasionally one means once or twice a week.

Me and the online bed stores bonded pretty much every day. ti's a *bed*. it's an addiction.

*hugs you* Solidarity.

House is so very, very slashy.


Can it even be called subtext atthis point?


Judging by that last episode? Nope ;D

I too was baffled at House. I saw slash tendencies the last time I watched it (which was my first time) and then they just flat out said it like that, and no one was laughing and it was there. Yay. Clark and Lex need to learn from House and Wilson. *loves on House*

My God, yes. It was just--there. Right there.

*shakes head*

I love my gay doctor show.

I missed the bed decision! Which one did you buy?

Er, neitehr.

Okay, ti's like theone at Lacks, but with a better headboard. It's at Rooms To Go, but only appeared in tehir circular--the damn thing isn't on teh website! Gah! Teh headboard is about as tall as me or close, the rest is verysimple and plain slightly tapering posts and no real footboard. I love my bed *so much*.

When I get geeky enough to tak ea picture (of my bed! I am thatmuch of a dork!), Iwill ottally post it. Cause man, love my bed.

Is it too nosy of me to ask what kind of bed you bought? I am shopping for one too and you clearly seem happy.

As for House, I am now going to have to watch this show. Damn. I am overrun by fandoms already.

Not at all.

It was at Rooms to Go. I've wanted, what seems like forever, a metal canopy bed, ten found a beautiful wood one at Lacks.


So I was torn. Then in the circular, I found another wood one that I liked even better at Rooms to Go, and also, much cheaper. It's similir to the one in the link, but wiht a higher and much more intersting headboard--I mean, seriously high, it goes up to my chin and starts at the same level as the slats of the bed--and the wood top is open--and open foot for the most part, but doesn't take a bedskirt well at all. Kind of spoils the lines. Really simple. I really, *really* adore my bed. It has a cherry finish. So far, the website doesn't show it, which is really annoying. But me. Having deep bed love. *happy*.

Yes, I can really talk about it all day long. Which should be disturbing, but really isn't. *grins*

I hope you find the bed you're after! I recommend checking out the furniture manufacturer websites like Broyhill, etc, since you can sort of shop the same bed over different stores to find out which has the best price.

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