Seperis (seperis) wrote,

To new friends--hi! I haven't done this in a while. Frankly, my attention span has been shot in a variety of ways, so um, sorry for the non-welcome, but hi! Glad to see you! This is sort of a welcome and introduce yourself post.

Um, about me, maybe? To break the ice? Then tell me about you.

You can really tell I'm avoiding things, can't you?

Behind the cut.

Well. I'm a Smallville slash writer, a QaF writer, and kind of a general Battlestar Galactica lurker, which is really *fun*--no one ever told me fandom lurking was this much fun! Former fandoms include X-Men the Movie and Star Trek Voyager. I dabbled a tiny bit in two others, HP and Spiderman the Movie, but that's it. This is kind of a one-trick pony LJ--I write. I'm really not good at anything else. Occasionally I meta, in really weird ways. My art is abysmal, and there are very good reasons that for the most part, other people make my icons for me. I friendslock only in extreme RL venting or extreme RL personal stuff, which frankly, isn't often, and is usually the height of me, whining, so no one is missing much. I don't have an actual stable friending policy--I friend when I find I have a surfeit of free time to enjoy reading everyone, and I stop when I realize I can't keep up. I don't unfriend very often, and usually only reciprocally or with dead LJs. Frankly, I am boring.

But wait! I can stack cheese. That right there is as interesting as I will ever be. And one day, the gods of dairy willing, I will come across several dozen pounds of pre-sliced cheese, make another Leaning Tower of Chees-a or a Cheese Arch, and then take pictures. Because man, that was fun, and everyone should try it once. Also, according to comments, sliced meats will work as well. Any experiments on this should, of course, be shared.

I'm co-moderator of sv_inquiry with the Voice of Fandom (calling her that never stops being funny), svmadelyn, where you can go to ask pretty much any question related to Smallville fanfic or meta--pretty much a "where is it" kind of thing. I'm co-owner with girlinthetrilby of Illuminated Text, our domain of happy slashiness and hettiness. I'm tall. The movie The Ring still scares me to death. I'm a single parent of an eight year old boy. He's very cute. I'm a Texas Works Advsior and Eligibilty Specialist, which is a *really* cool way of saying I determine whether people are eligible for state and federal programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid, and TANF (Temporary Aid for Needy Families). I'm certified in those three and a Medicare cost-share that pays the copayment for eligibile Medicare recipients. I also have a new ergo-whatever keyboard that is slowly driving me insane. If you see any posts with a lot of repeat letters (like say, letttttttttttters) it's me and my war with my keyboard. I try to catch it, but it will happen. So just, know it now.

Um, I don't have actual rules for my LJ, since there's never been a situation that's come up that requires them. Don't flame. That's pretty much the one and only thing. Very not of the fun, and also, headache inducing.

Okay. There you go. So. Um. Introduce yourself if you feel like it?
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