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just so random
children of dune - leto 1
So I found this condo.

I always find condos. I want a condo. Specifically, because I'm just that silly and pretentious, I want one downtown of Austin. I mean, for more than the entire ooh, downtown living, so trendy. Mostly because I hate to drive. I like walking. And i'd love walking to go pretty much anywhere I need on a daily basis, barring you know, work. And the *people*. And the used book stores and very local super Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods like, right nearby. That's like, my concept of bliss. The library? Less than a mile away! LESS THAN A MILE!

So, per usual, I did my monthly look-at of what's available that isn't, you know, starting in the seven hundred K group.

This actually *hurt*.


The Mirage one.

See, this is actually vaguely in the realm of possible. I estimated, using the amounts that were listed at another site, that it will run from around 180 to maybe 220 K, I think. Okay, at my current job, no, but if I could raise my take-home by about seven hundred, I could afford the mortage without giving up being able to easily get Child fun things. And there are jobs that, if I can just stay with teh agency long enough, that I can get just because of experience level, that would let me.

But God, that's like, at least three years away, and when these are gone, resale will be about double what it is now. *seethes* Bastards. You almost-affordable bastards.

But it is cool, isn't it? So. Damn. Cool. And surely by the time I can afford, there will definitely be others to adore this much. But that roof. Mmm. Roof.

But I like looking at it. I mean, it's nice. And it has rooftop access! And you know, i'm beginning to wonder if I can arrange a marriage of convenience with someone. I mean, I can offer baked goods on a daily basis. Would someone marry me for bread? Or porn. I could write them porn. Which actually sounds somewhat creepy. But in a good, wholesome way.

Though that would require actual marriage. I mean on one hand, pretty dress, lots of food, dancing, presents, KITCHEN AID BLENDER WHEE! On the other hand--well. Commitment. I don't commit to detergent, for goodness sake.

Must ponder.

On the upside, my bed search may be soon coming to a close. Ooh! And cirque du soleil is comign to Austin! And me and Vannezsa and Child are so going, cause man, Child will flip out seeing this. I'll make it a day of me and him and Vannezsa doing things downtown and walking around, since tall building still just blow his mind. His little eyes are like saucers the entire time. It's incredibly cute. And third happy thing, I got approved for leave during his spring break, so an entire week of me, him, the GameCube, the Playstation, and possibly, some highly inappropriately violent video game. Ooh yeah. I'm getting *really* tired of him beating me.

And now I'm just sounding punchy. *g* Insomnia has this effect on me.

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So I found this condo.

Hee! I've had the exact same experience -- looking at floorplans, seeing property that's just out of reach. And I wonder how all these young-un's can afford to have houses. And then I realize, they're married. That second income really helps. *g*

Stupid married.


The 745K? those don't hurt like that.

that's a really nice layout - and the rooftop deck would be so great to have!

I looked at most of the plans, but I'm alone, and not big on stairs, so the Oasis was the only plan that seemed feasible to me. only one flight of stairs, and a nice convenient layout - too bad it's not in Portland (and that I couldn't afford it even if it were)!

Yes! The rooftop deck!

The Oasis is the one with the office on teh first floor? Or the one-one-one? I just love how they look. And the drawings of the outside adn what it will look like is so pretty. Damn.

the Oasis is pretty small. only two levels - single-car garage, kitchen and living/dining downstairs, bedroom and office lofts upstairs.

the others seem to be at least 3 levels, and my arthritic knees really wouldn't appreciate that on a regular basis!

You're kind of adorable.

omg, I so love to look at the condos downtown. And isn't it neat living somewhere that it's vaguely possible?

You need to find a guy who has to marry to stay in the country. Look around for Indian and eastern European tech workers. You'll only have to commit for a few years, by which time you won't need his rent anymore. {g}

*laughs* okay, the funny part is, in the TIERS main office, wehre my mom works, there are *tons* of Indian nationals working. I suppose trotting over and asking if anyone needs a visa would not be very subtle.

*ponders* but still. Marriage. Scary.

If I weren't already married, and if Texas legalized gay marriage, I'd so propose to you. We could have our marriage of convenience. No strings but the baked goods and my income at your disposal.


Oh well.

Awww. *hugs* No one's ever offered that before!


Those condos do look really nice. Also, South Congress is fabulous, as I'm sure you know. I'm about half as far south of the river as those condos, and even with the longish bus ride to UT, it has been lovely.

*sighs* It's amazing. All the development going on downtown and south central is just mindblowing, and happening so *fast*.

Ooohhh house-window-shopping. Fun! Out of curiosity, have you ever poked around in Clarksville? That's where I live now and I lurve it. I used to live up mopac, in the Far West/Anderson Lane area, but I'm a true Central/South Austin devotee now.

Super close to downtown (more the Capital area), in a neighborhood with its own Fresh Plus, Nau's 50's style drug store, Cippolina's, etc...

(yes, yes, I'm pimpin' my neighborhood...that should feel kinda wrong, right? *grins*)

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