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The Toybox

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Valentine's Day! With chocolate! And posts!
children of dune - leto 1
My son brought me chocolate, which makes life infinitely more bearable. I'm a huge fan of the variety chocolate boxes. Except the caramel. Don't ask, I don't get it either. I *like* caramel. But those are the ones I never eat.

Okay, so Valentine's day may be a *little* consumeristic. Is that a word? i just made it one. But. It results in *chocolate*. No holiday on earth can be bad when mixed with chocolate. Which might say uncomfortable things about me as a person, that if they'd been offering chocolate at the Salem Witch Trials, I'd probably be sitting there, munching along, nodding happily over chocolate covered cherries and lemon nougat.

And to make Valentine's Day that much more merry. Happy? Some positive adjective. I like Cheerful, since that one is so underused in descriptions of holidays.

Valentine's Game, Redux, organized by the lovely and really energetic svmadelyn. One day, we'll all be able to prove she doesn't actually sleep. Her or Pru.

Mmm. Chocolatey goodness and happiness. Life is sugary.

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How to Save Your Poor Nose Next Time You're Sick!

Hi Sweet Jen,
Hope you're feeling better hon! When my nose is projectile snotting? I coat the tip and nostrils with Vasiline or Vicks every time before blowing, that way the tissue takes off a coat of lube instead of a coat of skin. It will save your life! Caution: the Vicks will help you breathe, but you have to start using it before your nose gets raw or it will sting like a mother. So as soon as you feel impending sniffles of doom? Lay on the lube baby! Don't let it get raw in the first place. Take care!

Hey, I avoid most other chocolates EXCEPT caramels, due to fear of nuts (which I absolutely cannot stand). Perhaps we could work out a deal... :)

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