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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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if you write sv fanfic are on my rec page, read this
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, svmadelyn sent this to me and we're both *really* confused here on what's going on.


What it looks like is someone took a copy of my rec page, first link, and then archived all the stories mentioned on it, second link. I mean, it's not a someone-took-something-of-mine sort of thing, except it sort of is, and they definitely are archiving stories there and I'm pretty sure no one gave permission for that. I can't find an email address and I really *don't* want to send anything to the department if I can get around it, since if it's a member of fandom, exposure is not of the good for many.

So. Advice? Or an explanation of what the hell? Cause if this is their reading list or something, smarter adn more polite idea is to save it to the hard drive, not so much with the archiving of fic.

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i found this page which indicates that the email address for this person would be x2he@uwaterloo.ca. couldn't say if it's still good though.

I can't figure out what he's *doing* with it. A search of the other directories isn't clarifying.

Thanks for the link! I should have guessed from the domain name. *sighs* I can be dense like that.

I suppose it's possible that this is just meant for their own personal use-- maybe to read at work or school or something. That'd at least explain why they didn't even delete any of the links down at the bottom of the first page that just lead to nowhere since the page isn't in your space. How'd Madelyn find it, just googling?

Googling, according to Madelyn, while looking for Smallville rec sites.

It's just--school account for the Superman slash porn? Not something I usually see.

See, what I'm thinking is that maybe they're in a situation where they can only access "approved" sites.

I had a folder of random fic on a uni provider once when I was writing about fandom practices for a cultural studies class. Granted it wasn't available to the public, but it's been done. Doesn't look like that's what this is, though. That's just... weird.

could it be that he isn't even aware it's public and goggleable? maybe a simple nudge might get him to protect it at which point it'd be just like what most of us have on our hard drive (b/c, Jenn, your recs *are* the best :-)

Well the fist was done by going to your recs site and hitting the save as feature. It can be pretty handy if you ever want to save webpage and keep the links fully intact. This works especially well on lj entries if you want to say, save someone's comments if you think they'll later delete them. My guess is that whoever put up those two pages is doing it becasue they wanted to save the links and fic in case your site, or the fics ever went down. It's a bit odd to not just have saved it to their hard drive though. Perhaps they didn't realize their site would be google-able?

I'm just amused that it's at my alma mater, MIT North. From Orbifold's faculty, actually, where two of my dear friends work.

Follow the link that Desdema gave, click the user's name and you'll find baby pictures! So cute.

My first thought was...God, I hope it's not for a class! "Psychopathology of a Slash Writer, 101" *g*

Closer to true than you think. I haven't had any psych profs show an interest yet, but many of my anthro profs have been very interested in slash (before I mentioned it, even).

My main reaction was "Hey, remember when they used to write fic? Let's go poke them again! Maybe they'll write fic for me now!"


Hi, long time lurker.

Google says that no one on the entire internet has linked to that page, meaning its probably just stuck up there for his reference. FWIW.

NB Google is not actually an index of the entire internet. :)

That's so strange... that's my school (though not my department), but I can't figure out where the email address would be...

My guess is that the person doesn't realize that others can see the folder, it's probably part of her network allotment, and she just randomly saved it to the folder set as default internet accessible. It would explain why she doesn't have a home/index page.

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