Seperis (seperis) wrote,

if you write sv fanfic are on my rec page, read this

Okay, svmadelyn sent this to me and we're both *really* confused here on what's going on.

What it looks like is someone took a copy of my rec page, first link, and then archived all the stories mentioned on it, second link. I mean, it's not a someone-took-something-of-mine sort of thing, except it sort of is, and they definitely are archiving stories there and I'm pretty sure no one gave permission for that. I can't find an email address and I really *don't* want to send anything to the department if I can get around it, since if it's a member of fandom, exposure is not of the good for many.

So. Advice? Or an explanation of what the hell? Cause if this is their reading list or something, smarter adn more polite idea is to save it to the hard drive, not so much with the archiving of fic.
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