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buffy minimarathon, very short, grumpy with giles

So, marathoned Buffy up to the episode Lies My Parents Told Me

Conversations With Dead People scared the shit out of me, as I've said before. I started today wtih Sleeper, ep 8, and went, hmm.

For the first time, I'm getting why people went WTF over the Spike characterization. I'm sure that the entire existentialness is just going over my head or something with this one, because it took me a *long* time to cop to the idea that the Joss concept of a soul has very little to do with the person who lives in the skin, and the I'm just catching--adn this is a hit-or-miss depending on my headache level--why teh soul that wasn't there at the time of the killings is *responsible* for the killings. Though I liked that free will speech thing she gave to Andrew. I'm just--so what the hell was Spike during season six? I mean, that was some serious something if it wasn't free will. Hell, what were any of the big vamps--Darla, Drusilla, Spike, etc?

Andrew - I do not like him. I don't care how funny he is. I watched him slaughter his best friend and he got around to repenting it way too many episodes later. I know part of it is that he's just weak. Very, very weak. I just don't buy that as a good reason to, you know, stab your friend. Faint in terror. That's fine. Run like crazy. Yes. Premeditate cold blooded murder and lure him to a place to carry it out for ritualized evil magic with a sharp, pointy object? Nope.

Also, I have a soft spot for Jonathan from way back. I liked him a lot. That's right there enough to put me off him for life.

Kennedy -- I don't know if I like her. The brash, sassy, take charge thing is fun, but it gets grating. I have no idea if I buy Willow and Kennedy, but then again, they haven't had a lot of time to develop, either.

Giles -- wow, I am at a place where I look upon Giles in Lies My Parents Told Me and it's not a good looking. It's not that I don't understand his arguments, for the most part. It's that--hmm. I don't like them. I mean, above and beyond. My nation is Buffy, not Spike, so it's not like I'm defending him here. I don't like Giles' idea of her generalship comes with pre-approved conditions. You are the general if you belive what I do. And if you don't, well by God, we'll just do it anyway and *then* you can lead.

I think what's made me most frustrated with Giles is the chip thing. It didn't work. It *didn't* work. So using that as an excuse to kill Spike just pised me off. I came out of it with the strong impression this was all about Giles not wanting Buffy to have her feelings involved in this war. Or he just didnt' like her fucking another vampire. Or something.


I could be wrong. But at this point in her slayage--adn this is me--if Buffy says, I want to fuck all the vamps in town to keep from going off the deep end after clawing my way out of my own grave a year ago, then I say, line 'em up. If she's relatively happy and stable with Spike, more power to him. Anyone, and Willow and Andrew (and even Wesley, to a lesser extent) have emphasized this, can go bad. And have. And do. Spike with a soul is as likely as anyone to go postal at a moment's notice, unlike before, where it was actually his choice--and now I'm getting a headache again with the free will speech she said, dammit. *rubs temples* Um, I was somewhere less meta with the vampires things. Right. *Anyone* can go bad. So really, cut it out. Sending Spike off for ambush and cold blooded premediated murder--again, not happy with that. Very not happy with this. Very unhappy because it wasn't about The Mission, it was about Robin and Giles getting their revenge thing on and wrapping it up in nobility. Oh *please*. Cop to your vendetta. Then get the fuck over it.

I'm most unhappy that Giles broke her trust with him. *That* bothered me. I mean, above everything else, that kind of freaked me out. Cause that is officially *everyone* that has either fucked her over, betrayed her, or manipulated/lied to her. Though men seem to be the ones most likely to do the manipulation thing. Girls tend, ironically, to be more straightforward. The men are the ones that go the underhanded route. Huh.

And anyway, at this point, where the hell was he when she was having her season six meltdown? At this late point, no judging allowed.

Buffy's--confusing me. I don't know how I feel about some of the characterizations of her this season at all. It's not that she's harder, though there's that, or that she's colder, though she really is. It's that I can't figure out where these things came from. Season six did not build to the new and chiller Buffy. If anything, she was spending way too much time having long conversations with her emotions, not cut off from them, in season six. Even early season seven didn't explain it, just showed it happening over the show.

I need to watch the rest of the season, don't I?

*breathes* Next ep, Faith. Next weekend. See howit all ends. Depress self wiht realization I will never, ever see another new ep after that.

I need to arm myself with chocolate.
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