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WiP Amnesty Directory to Jenn Snippets
children of dune - leto 1
Quick directory to my list of posted WiPs. Yay WiP Amnesty Weekend!

QaF - Threesome Pornfic

QaF - The Thing With the Two of Them

QaF - The One With the Cookies

QaF - The Cut Bit From Don't Blink

SV - The Strawberry Spring

SV - Three Sides

SV - Somewhere Snippets

SV - Somewhere Missing Scene

SV - Somewhere Sequel Snippet



I still look at this Three Impossible Things sequel and wonder if I was really high when I had this particular idea or something. *sighs*

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I still look at this Three Impossible Things sequel

There's a Three Impossible Things sequel?????????? So very very coool!!!

Yeah, that's what I was thinking! Along with, "WHERE, WHERE?!"

While I would love to see a Three Impossible Things Sequel (I mean, who wouldn't), in my mind I always thought of A Handful of Dust as the sequel. I'm loving Pretty When You're Mine, by the way!

At first I had the same impression and was whimpering in angsty - erm - joy I think. I know think they are not related as sequels to each other, but that's just me :)

What is the link for "Don't Blink"?

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