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The foul beast of action scenes is slayed! Er, for now.

So. Wonderful reading here.

He That Hath Ears by Sarah T. Plot. Grandmother Luthor plot, no less. Clark gets a new power, Lex has a scary grandmother, and Lionel gets bitched at. Plus? MotW that's interesting as hell. I love how she brings these things together and I simply love how she writes Clark. MUCH recommended for meaty reading enjoyment.

Look and See by Livia. Chloefic! I'm not spoiling on the plotline, because it must be read to be enjoyed, but this is an incredibly fun story. Just--guh. Loved it.

Realize by Prufrock. Slash-light but also--all there. Make sense? Lex is thinking. He has Helen, but not quite what he needs. Beautiful. And? Makes that ending to Visage make SENSE.

Oh yeah.

My Big Scary Luthor Wedding by mobiusklein. This author kills me. Just. Gah. Hysterical. Bizarre. And so very addictive. Soda warning suggested.

There's Porn in the Closet by Jessica. God, I love her Nicky AU. And this is just a lovely piece of it. Clark, Lex, and the video collection. She does beautiful work.

Words by Chelle. Okay, kink definitely. Lovely, emotional, and hot? Also. I like how she wrote this. Sweet, tender, and different.

Sunday Brunch by fabrisse. *grins* I love how she writes teh boys, and this is just. So. Hot. And fun. A hot, hot day, straw, and talking through your fantasies.

*sighs* More later. I'm--kind of lightheaded. Action is just--gah. I think it caused me to go prematurely grey.

Riiight. THAT will be my excuse! *grins*

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