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fannish request
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, fannish request, but not for me.

There is a vidder, who is *very good* and who needs Smallville source, non-tape. Does anyone have SV in some digital media format that's of a quality to use for vids, all seasons? I will write fic in thanks. No, really. By request, even. And within the year. I have a horrible reputation for letting things, you know, kind of slide, but I will.

Thinking of this now, I need to buy season two. That has my favorite eps ever, adn enough of them to justify the cost. Hmm. *marks down for future* Mmmm. Prodigal.

Anyway. Help for fellow fan!

Vids. *Pretty*. It's so for the good of fandom as a whole. Really!

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I've been hosting the current season for my flist, I've got the latest episode uploaded and coupld re-upload Scare if need be, but I don't have any of the previous episodes anymore.

Thanks so much for the offer, chica. *hugs* I think we got it covered.

Okay, second question--when was Scare? *curious* I don't recognize that title.

God, is it season four? Am I blanking already on eps from *season four*?

Oooh, do you really have the latest episode? Could I also download it, please? I know I'm not on your f-list, but I'd really appreciate it!

I have several Season Four episodes, and some footage from a few others. ETA: typo fixed

S1 - Tempest helipad scene with Lex (from aelora)

S2 - Heat, scene after classroom fire with Clark, Pete, Lex, and Desiree (from suzvoy)

S3 - Hereafter scene with Lex and Adam (from aelora)

S4 - Devoted, entire episode (from Bittorrent download)

S4 - Run, entire episode (from Bittorrent download)

S4 - Bound, entire episode (from Bittorrent download)

S4 - Scare, entire episode (from Bittorrent download)

S4 - Spell, entire episode (from Bittorrent download)

S4 - Transference, entire episode (from Bittorrent download)

S4 - Unsafe, entire episode (from Bittorrent download)

S4 - Unsafe scenes with Lex and Lionel (from aelora)

Whoa. You have a seriously *pretty* set of scenes here.

Okay, which one was *Scare*? Now i'm just getting freaked out now.

*hugs hard* Thanks so much for the offer. I appreciate it a lot.

Hehehehe. Scare involved a toxin released accidentally from LuthorCorp that had various characters experiencing their greatest nightmares.

*hugs* I'm always willing to share the pretty.

I have a good portion of season one and a few eps from two on cd-rom. They're from various sources and of varying quality, downloaded from Kazaa.

*hugs* Thank you so very much for the offer. I think *think* we have it covered. God, I am bouncy. *Vids*1 *happy place*

Thank you very, very much.

I have season 1 and 2 on DVD and season 3 and most of season 4 (all except ep 1-3) from Bittorrent. I could rip the first two seasons, put everything on DVDs and mail them to you.

Could you email me? I'm atjenn@thegateway.net

And thank you *so much* for the offer. I appreciate it a *lot*.

You posted this about two hours too late - I just gave away all of my S1 and S2 vid source VCDs to another LJ'er this afternoon.

that is so typical of my life.

Does the vidder have access to bittorrent and/or Newsgroups? Right now all airing S4 eps in avi/vcd/svcd format are being posted along with S3 and some S2. It isn't that hard to get S1 or really any season from bittorrent -- however you run into quality issues with some of the avis - although if the vid is for internet only, then not as much of a problem than if it needs to play full-screen or go on a DVD set (this was a big problem when I was making a SV vid last year - I was DLing as I was actually vidding and some of the source would then be unusable - thankfully now we have S1-S3 on DVD - can she rent them/netflix the DVDs if unable to buy them?)

If you want to have her email me - I'll be glad to walk her thru using the Newsgroups and Bittorrent or ripping DVDs (probably best if she does not have a capture card - and it sounds like she doesn't have a capture card if she needs only digital source).

I'll point her toward you, definitely. You are, of course, my first line of pimping. "go to sisabet! she knows everything!"

You make my life so *easy*.

Have I mentinoed enough how traumatized I get after watching yoru SV Placebo vid? Casue I think it bears mentioning once or twice a day. *Traumatizing*.

I have all four seasons downloaded from the net, and they seem to be of good quality. I also have the DVDs, but I downloaded the eps to eventually do vidding. I'm not sure about how to go about sending them - I haven't had great luck with yousendit and really large files (these episodes run about 4MB each), but I'd be happy to try again.

The S1 and S3 bittorrents I used are here: http://www.vip-torrents.com/38.htm

The S2 bittorrent came from www.lokitorrent.com. These take an enormous amount of time to download, but the quality seems good.

Make that 400MB each. *sheepish grin*

I'll send ehr the links. Thank you so much!@


I have a question: is there any way to get the fourth (or, indeed, any) season of Smallville without using Kazaa or Bittorrent? I ask because my computer's behind a firewall, and I'm not allowed to reconfigure it to accept downloads from either. If you have any way of helping me out I'd be very grateful.

Jenn, I'm so sorry I'm hijacking your LJ like this!

I'm not sure. I guess I could try compressing one into a zip file and emailing it to you with yousendit.com. Do you want to try that? If so, email me

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